Ticketing Admin Dashboard React Template

Acara – Ticketing Admin Dashboard React Template – 32605115


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Template Features

  • Built on Latest React
  • 1 Dashboard
  • Awesome Customized Slider
  • React js
  • Fully Responsive
  • Ready to used widget
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Attractive Calendar
  • Customizable React Bootstrap Components
  • Invoice
  • User Profile
  • Timeline
  • CkEditor
  • Markdown
  • Form Examples
  • Many Charts Options
  • Form Validation
  • Input Slider
  • Advanced Form Elements
  • Wizard
  • Social
  • Bootstrap
  • Datatable
  • Table Sorting
  • React Table
  • Date Picker
  • Sweetalert
  • Toaster
  • Light Gallery
  • Scroll
  • Chatbox
  • Router
  • And many more


You will get

  • HTML Files
  • JSX Files
  • CSS And Sass files
  • Proper Documentation


  • “Poppins”,sans-serif


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Change Log

28 February 2023

    * Compatible with React 18+ &  Node 18+
    * Update Dependency Plugins
    * CSS File Improvements
    * Update Small Screen Size Resolution
    * Update Router Dom 6 Version

02 May 2022

    + Added New Package for Node 16+

30 December 2021

    + Added: Redux login and Redux Form wizard functionality
    + Added: create filtering and sorting table page using React Table
    + Added: Task page with add, edit and delete functionality
    + Added: Rating functionality
    * Update: Update CSS and JS code for designing

18 June 2021

* New - Created & Upload Acara