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Affan - PWA Mobile HTML Template - 29715548

Affan – PWA Mobile HTML Template – 29715548

No jQuery dependency: The whole code is written with vanilla JavaScript.

Affan is a modern and latest technology-based multipurpose PWA-ready mobile template. It’s come with Creative Design, Vanilla JavaScript, Bootstrap 5, progressive web app (PWA) ready, Dark & RTL features.

It’s suitable for any startup, agency, business, courses, corporate, eCommerce store, travel, news, portfolio, magazine & blog mobile website or apps. So, build whatever you like with this.

It’s crafted with the latest trend of design & coded with all modern approaches. It’s a versatile & multi-dimensional usable template. All files code have been well organized and nicely commented on for easy to customize. It’s 100% responsive and it works nicely on Android & iOS mobile phones.


  • Bootstrap 5.1.0
  • PWA Ready
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • 220+ Elements
  • 100+ Pages
  • npm
  • Gulp 4
  • Pug
  • SCSS
  • Dark Mode
  • RTL Ready
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Varieties Header Menu
  • Varieties Footer Menu
  • Left & Right Sidebar
  • Alerts & Toasts
  • Automated Online/Offline Detection
  • Varieties Form Elements
  • Auto Complete Form
  • Range Input
  • Accordion
  • Timeline
  • Image Gallery
  • User Ratings
  • Lots of Helper Elements
  • Tiny Slider
  • Data Table
  • Countdown & Counterup
  • Apex Charts
  • Versatile Mobile Template
  • Nicely Designed
  • Coded with the Latest Technology
  • Bug Free Code
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Notifications Page
  • Language Page
  • Password Strength Meter
  • OTP Pages
  • Shop Pages
  • User Profile
  • Coming Soon
  • Authentication Pages
  • Unique Design
  • Blog Pages
  • Google Fonts
  • Easy to Customize
  • Clean & 100% Validate Code
  • Settings Page

You will get:

  • HTML Files
  • CSS Files
  • JS Files
  • Pug Files
  • SCSS Files
  • JSON Files
  • Documentation

Please Note:

All images & videos are used only for preview purpose. These images & videos are not available in the downloaded package.

All Credits:

  • Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Icons
  • Google Fonts
  • Range Slider
  • Data Table
  • Apex Charts
  • Counterup
  • Countdown
  • Password Strength Meter
  • Freepik
  • Unsplash
  • Google Maps
  • & all credits are given in the documentation file.

Pre-buy FAQ:

Q. What kind of template is this?
A. Affan is an HTML5 mobile template. It also has PWA feature and Dark and RTL mode.

Q. What will I get if I buy it?
A. All HTML files and everything else. However, images are not available in the downloaded package.

Q. What is PWA?
A. PWA is when your user visits your website, it will show a notification to add to the home screen. If the user adds by clicking on the Add Now button, then he can use it like native apps from the home screen of his mobile phone. Which will give your user a very good experience.

Q. What do I need to know to edit?
A. You don’t need to know anything special, you just need to know how to edit HTML files.

Q. So what is the function of NPM, Gulp, Pug, and SCSS?
A. NPM is the package manager. With it, you can easily manage all CSS and JS files. Gulp is a toolkit to automate & enhance your workflow. HTML code can be easily & efficiently written with Pug and CSS can be written easily & efficiently with SCSS.

Q. If I don’t know any of these, can’t I edit?
A. Yes, of course, you can. All you have to do is edit the HTML file.

Q. Is this a WordPress theme?
A. No.

Q. Can I make a WordPress theme with it?
A. Yes.

Q. Is it native apps? Can it be offered in Play Store or Apple Store?
A. No. However, if you want to submit to Play Store or Apple Store, you need to convert to Native Apps.

Q. Can it be converted to native apps?
A. Yes.

Q. How many sites can I make by buying it for $24?
A. You can use it on a single domain with a single license.


Changelog (v1.3.0): Sep 3, 2021

- New Added: The whole code is written with Vanilla JavaScript. From now, there is no need for jQuery dependency.
- New Added: Filter Menu on Elements Page
- New Added: Offcanvas Navbar
- New Added: Horizontal Scroll Menu
- New Added: Notification Button
- New Added: Login Page via Social Media
- New Added: Large Checkbox
- New Added: Toggle Password Visibility
- New Added: Comparison Table
- Updated: Bootstrap v5.0.1 > Bootstrap v5.1.0
- Improved: Design & Code Quality

Changelog (v1.2.1): Jun 28, 2021

- The documentation has been completely updated with enriched content.

Changelog (v1.2.0): Jun 21, 2021

- Improved: Design Quality
- Improved: Code Quality
- Updated: Bootstrap v5.0.0-beta2 > Bootstrap v5.0.1
- Updated: Owl Carousel 2.2.1 > Owl Carousel 2.3.4
- Updated: Font Family - Public Sans to Poppins
- Removed: Clipboard js Plugin
- New Added: Added 'static' folder (This folder contains all the static files.)

Changelog (v1.1.0): March 13, 2021

- New Added: 3 chat page & 1 tab page
- Improved: Dark & RTL mode
- Improved: Design quality
- Improved: Code quality
- Updated: Bootstrap v5.0.0-beta1 > Bootstrap v5.0.0-beta2
- Updated: Commissioner Google Fonts > Public Sans Google Fonts

Changelog (v1.0.0): Dec 14, 2020

- Initial Release