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Bookshelf – WhatsApp book ordering system – 41983531

Admin Demo: User Name: Password: 123456

Are you a book writer or seller and you are looking for a way to give an option to your audience to order your books through WhatsApp? Then Bookshelf can be the best choice for you to create a bookstore. It’s a professional react functional template that used firebase as a data store. With Bookshelf users simply can add to their cart any of your listed books then they can order them by direct WhatApp message with their chosen books list with calculated prices and with their addresses.

Features List

  • 3 different home layouts
  • Firebase for storing data & Authentication
  • Ordering through WhatsApp
  • Advanced search and filtering options
  • All books page included for showing all books
  • Admin can Create, update, read & delete each item
  • Option to add a discount for any book
  • Quick view for each book
  • Mailchimp subscription
  • Made with React & Bootstrap
  • Online Documentation