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Introducing ChawkBazar – Elementor Lifestyle and Fashion Ecommerce Theme, the epitome of modern elegance and seamless online shopping experiences. This stunning theme, meticulously crafted by the renowned creative agency REDQ, is the ultimate solution for fashion -forward individuals and design agencies seeking to establish a captivating online presence.

ChawkBazar is more than just a theme; it’s a lifestyle statement. With its unrivaled versatility, this multipurpose WordPress Theme caters to all facets of the ecommerce lifestyle. Whether you’re running a cutting-edge fashion store or managing an online shop for ecommerce lifestyle or delivering Fashion store products, ChawkBazar provides the perfect platform to showcase your offerings with style and sophistication.

Powered by WooCommerce , the industry-leading ecommerce in Fashion Theme , ChawkBazar seamlessly integrates with your online store , allowing you to effortlessly manage and present your extensive collection of Online Fashion Lifestyle products. The clean code ensures a flawless browsing experience, while the quick carting feature enables customers to swiftly add their desired items, enhancing the efficiency of their shopping journey.

Designed with Elementor , the most advanced page builder , ChawkBazar empowers you to unleash your creativity and design stunning webpages that reflect your brand’s unique vision. Its user-friendly interface allows you to easily create captivating listings latest Fashion-ware , effectively showcasing your lifestyle and fashion Ecommerce products in a visually enticing manner.

Step into the future of online retail with ChawkBazar – the Lifestyle WordPress Theme that defines excellence. Embrace the power of Lifestyle WordPress Theme and unlock endless possibilities for your online Fashion & Lifestyle store . Transform your dreams into reality and captivate your audience with a seamless ecommerce experience that truly stands out from the crowd. Choose ChawkBazar and embark on an extraordinary journey to ecommerce success.

There is also Laravel Version of Chawkbazar:

There is also ChawkBazar React Template:

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v2.6.2 – 29 Feb 2024

- Incompatible archive fixed
- Fix error on for WP 6.4
- CSS improvement 

31 Jan 2024

- Cart Page broken issue fixed
- SetupWizard  improvement
- Css improvement
- Js improvement

15 Jan 2024

- Elementor Mega menu builder added (New)
- Php info issue fixed
- CSS improvements
- Js improvements 

12 Nov 2023

- Latest version of WordPress support 
- Latest version of WooCommerce support
- Helper plugin update 
- WooCommerce template compatibility check 
- update issue fixed for Gutenberg mega menu 
- Typography issue fixed
- Updated language file for theme and helper plugin 
29 August 2023

-Fix theme footer issues 
-Elementor latest version error fix
-JetPack plugin conflict fix 
- Add autoplay Feature for  Category & Banner Combined Block 
-Mega Menu Broken issue fixed 

12 June 2023

-new home(Simple) added 
-Product Categories new layout added 
-Featured Products added new layout
 -Flash Sale product slider added new layout 
-coupon new layout added 
-Newest product new layout 
-New widget for top brands 
-New widget for testimonial 

2 May 2023

-Woocommerce outdated templates update
-Tested with latest version of wordpress
-Tested with lates version of woocommerce 
-Tested with lates version of Elementor 
-Language file update

20 February, 2023

-New demo added (Trendy) 
-Product Categories new layout added
-Featured Products added new layout
-Flash Sale product slider added new layout 
-coupon new layout added
-Newest product new layout
-New widget for top brands
-New widget for testimonial
-Newslatter widget ,subcription widget layout added
-Helper plugin updated
-Added controls for slider widget
-Bug fixes for image quality
-language file updated
-WP compatibility check 6.1.1

08 November, 2022

-New header added
-Bug fixed for clear all button in listing page
-Fixed search issues
-WooCommerce outdated template notice fixed
-code modification for woocommerce latest version templates
-updated language file

07 September, 2022

- Latest WordPress compatibility check,
- Latest WooCommerce compatibility check
- Latest Elementor compatibility check
- language file update
- Chawkbazar helper plugin update

24th June, 2022

- YITH woocommerce product Bundles have design breaking issue on the showing bundle products.
- PW WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin page have design issue with add to cart button.
- Update Chawkbazar Demo page links
  - Customer Support, Video Documentation and Online Documentation

21 June, 2022
v2.4 - Plugin Support [Compatible plugins that we've checked. Should work with all other wooCommerce plugins]

  - WooCommerce Google Product Feed
  - Smash Balloon Instagram Feed
  - Facebook for WooCommerce
  - Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce
  - WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration
  - Google tag manager
  - Yoast SEO
  - WooCommerce Smart Coupons
  - PW WooCommerce Gavekort Pro
  - Woo Discount Rules
  - WooCommerce Product Bundles
  - Advanced Custom Fields PRO
  - WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit
  - WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips
  - WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

21 April, 2022

- Deprecated: _register_controls is <strong>deprecated</strong> since version 3.1.0!
   Use Elementor\Controls_Stack::register_controls() instead. issue solved
- Regular price sale price issue update.

14th March, 2022

- Query optimized
- Elementor widgets loading issue fixed
- Image cropping function update.
30th January, 2022

- Update Chawkbazar Theme Helper.
  - Search page issue was resolved.
- Update Chawkbazar Theme.
  - Variable price low to high issue solved.


- Update Chawkbazar Theme Helper.
  - .pot file update.

- Update Chawkbazar Theme.
  - .pot file update.
  - WPML Support
  - Sticky header disable/enable control add.

4th Jan, 2022


- Update Chawkbazar Theme Helper.
  - .pot file update.
  - Performance update.

- Update Chawkbazar Theme.
  - .pot file update.
  - Mobile version single product slider thumb issue solved.
  - Product single image blurry issue fixed.
  - Add to cart button height issue fixed.
  - Mobile navigation my account button issue fixed.
  - Introduce new feature (Out of stock) control add.
    - Elementor widget, global search, shop and search page.
  - Search page default product order issue fixed.
  - Search page settings message add.
  - Search page warning issue fixed.
  - Control add search widget price section.
  - A new panel has been added to Customize with control of search pages (Customizing ▸ Chawkbazar Theme Panel ▸ Search Page).
  - A new panel has been added to Customize with control of global search (Customizing ▸ Chawkbazar Theme Panel ▸ Global Search).
20th December, 2021

- Update Chawkbazar Theme Helper.
  - .pot file update.
- Update Chawkbazar Theme.
  - Add category option (Hide and show empty category,Hide and show sub category, Add some listed category).
  - Add brand option (Hide and show empty brand,Hide and show sub brand, Add some listed brand).
  - Product listing widget.
    - Hide and show empty category,
    - Hide and show child category,
    - Add some listed category,
    - Limit,
    - Order By,
    - Order,
    - Add search box and many more (Category and brands).
    - Unlimited product attributes added support.
  - .pot file update.
- CSS issue fixed.

- Update Chawkbazar Theme Helper.
- Update Chawkbazar Theme.
  - Add payment card in footer.
  - Fixed social profile card in footer.
- Fixed Default / Custom category page customize option issue.
- CSS issue fixed.
22th November, 2021

- Update Chawkbazar Theme Helper.
  - Performance issue update.
- Search page settings issue update.
- Bromine grid update.
- CSS issue fixed.

10th November, 2021

 - Introduce new product layout (Bromine).
 - This product grid only apply for (Product archive, Elementor grid and Custom search page).
 - Elementor grid apply for  (Best Selling, Featured Product, Flash Sale and Newest Product).
 - Introduce new single product layout (Layout Two).
 - Update Chawkbazar Theme Helper.

1st November, 2021

- Internationalisation support add.

10th October, 2021

- Helper plugin update.
- Lazy load image customize on / off option add.
- Custom search page QuickView issue solved.
- Default / Custom category page customize option add.
- CSS issue fixed.