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Civi – Job Board, Freelance Marketplace WordPress Theme – 42770817

Version 2.0

Civi – Job Board WordPress theme is an ideal option for anyone looking to create a professional and user-friendly job listing and freelance marketplace website using WordPress. This theme allows for the easy creation of a fully responsive and comprehensive job portal that facilitates efficient management of human resources, recruitment, and job postings.


  • 12+ Predefined different homepage layouts: Civi comes with 12+ awesome homepage layouts. All homepage layouts are included in the demo content file.
  • Private Messaging: The theme enables private messaging to direct communication between employers and candidates. This feature improves engagement and simplifies the recruitment process.
  • Advanced Search & Filter: The theme comes with advanced search options and strong filters that allow candidates to filter job listings by various criteria, such as location, job type, experience, and salary range.
  • Apply Options: The theme provides candidates with a range of application options to choose from, including internal, external, email, and phone applications. Some of them can work without login.
  • Subscription Plans: The offers flexible subscription plans that enable employers to post a predetermined number of job listings and featured jobs, as well as publish job posts in real-time, all for a fixed fee.
  • Job Alerts & Notifications: The theme comes with job alerts and notification features for job seekers, with options for setting up alerts based on keywords, job types, or location.
  • Featured Job Listings: The theme provides a featured job listings option, where employers can pay to have their job listings appear at the top of search results or on the homepage of the website.
  • Social Login: Users can easily log in using their existing social network accounts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and more, without having to create a separate account specifically on the website.
  • Related Job Listings: The theme offers related job listings functionality, which allows candidates to view other job listings that are similar to the one they are viewing.
  • Ratings and Reviews: The theme allow candidates to rate and review companies. This can provide valuable feedback for both candidates and employers and help to build a community around the job’s website.
  • Candidate Management: The theme allows employers to manage job seeker profiles and applications, including filtering, sorting, downloading CVs, creating a meeting, and messaging candidates.
  • Application Deadline: The theme allows employers to set application deadlines for each job listing. This can help to ensure that candidates are aware of when they need to apply.
  • Company Profiles: The theme provides company profile pages, which allow employers to showcase their company information, culture, values, and benefits, to attract top talent.
  • Video & Audio Interviews: The theme provides options for integrated video and audio interviews, such as using video conferencing, Skype, or Zoom, to facilitate remote job interviews.
  • Flexible Payment Methods: The theme supports multiple payment methods, such as Credit Cards, PayPal, or Stripe, and offers recurring billing options for employers to purchase job submission packages.
  • Easy Import/Export of Data: The theme provides options for the easy import and export of data, such as job listings, resumes, or user data, to facilitate data migration and backup.
  • Social Media Sharing: The theme provides options for sharing job listings on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, to increase the reach and visibility of job openings.
  • Automatic Job Expiration: The theme provides options for automatically expiring job listings after a certain duration, such as 30, 60, or 90 days, to keep the job board fresh and relevant.
  • Video Job Descriptions: The theme allows employers to create video job descriptions to showcase company culture, workplace environment, and job requirements more vividly.
  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics: The theme offers advanced reporting and analytics features, including dashboards, charts, and graphs, to monitor job listing performance, user behavior, and other metrics.
  • Custom Fields & Taxonomies: The theme allows adding custom fields and taxonomies, like skills and experience levels, to job listings for an improved job matching process.
  • Email Notifications: The theme provides customizable email templates and notifications for candidates and employers, such as job alerts, application confirmations, or interview invitations.
  • Resume/CV Management: The theme provides options for job seekers to upload, manage, and edit their resumes or CVs, with the ability to attach them to job applications.
  • Job Listing Moderation: The theme provides options for moderating job listings before they are published, with options for reviewing, editing, or rejecting them based on certain criteria.
  • Responsive Design: The theme has a responsive design, which ensures that the job board looks good and functions properly on different devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Multi-language Support: The theme offers multi-language support, allowing users to access the job board in their preferred language and enabling administrators to create job listings in multiple languages.
  • One-click Installation: The provides one-click installation and demo content for quick, hassle-free setup of a pre-designed job board layout, with no technical skills or customization required.
  • Customizable Branding: The theme provides options for customizing the branding, such as logos, colors, or fonts, to match the look and feel of the employer’s website or brand identity.
  • GDPR-compliant Cookie Notices: The theme supports GDPR-compliant cookie notices, which inform users about the use of cookies and provide options for accepting or rejecting them.
  • Free Lifetime Updates & Support: Once you buy our theme. You will get free lifetime updates. Our awesome support team will handle any support questions to make sure you can finish customizing your website.
  • Detailed documentation online: Extensive documentation guides on how to set up and customize Factory will make your customizations super easy and fast!
  • Elementor Visualize Drop & Drag Page Builder: Fast, intuitive, and smart page builders will make your customization fast and easy.
  • Child-theme ready: The enables you to easily override default template files using a child theme. It also enables you to update your theme in a safe way.
  • Polylang & Translation Ready: The is compatible with the most popular WordPress plugin that supports the creation of multilingual layouts. Translate your website to any language with the Loco plugin easily.
  • Mega Menu: Switch to use the mega menu with just a few clicks, support to display banners on the menu.


  • Login, and register an account in the usual way or with a Google account or Facebook account.
  • Reset password using email.
  • Search Job by keywords, location, categories, and company.
  • Filter search results
  • View the profile of the company on the company site that has details posted.
  • Can visit company website if the employer added.
  • Can share jobs in social networks.
  • Can send messages to the employer.
  • View all jobs by a specific employer.
  • Statistics can be quickly viewed in the account dashboard.
  • Site Statistics on total employer view profile, Job applicant, company follow.
  • Update profile at any time.
  • Apply for the job and submit the resume to the employer quickly.
  • View, delete the list of jobs applied, and jobs wishlist and apply for the job invited.
  • View, edit, and delete the list of companies reviewed.
  • View, and delete the list of the company following.
  • Can change the time meeting of the online meeting with the employer.
  • Post resume quickly into the system or direct upload pdf, doc.
  • Submit a photo and link video.
  • Can change password.
  • Can deactivate the account if don’t use it for a while.
  • Can send a private message to the employer.
  • Can apply for a job with options: Internal/ External email and phone applicants..
  • Job alerts and notifications for job seekers to stay updated on new job postings.
  • Integration with social media platforms for easy job sharing.
  • One-click apply functionality for job seekers to quickly submit their applications.


  • Quick employer registration using email and password or using Google and Facebook accounts.
  • Quick reset password using email.
  • Multiple companies can be created.
  • Filter search results
  • New account notification – an email message is sent to them after buying the package and creating a new account.
  • Statistics can be quickly viewed in the account dashboard.
  • Site Statistics on total candidate visitors, candidate applicant, candidate follow, post jobs.
  • Update profile anytime.
  • Create, update, and delete company profiles anytime.
  • Create, and update job anytime.
  • Can save as draft when you want to pause.
  • Edit, update job.
  • Active, deactivate, mark feature, mark filled job.
  • View list of jobs, expired jobs, delete jobs.
  • Can search the job title in the employer dashboard.
  • Approved or reject candidate applied request.
  • View list of candidate applied request, rejected request.
  • Download the candidate’s resume.
  • Create, and edit room meetings online.
  • View candidate profile details.
  • Submit, edit review for the candidate.
  • Find and filter the job that the candidate applied for.
  • Can follow candidate.
  • Can invite candidates to the job that has been posted.
  • Can send private online meeting to the candidate.
  • Can buy package support post job.
  • Can create and remove messages.
  • Search candidates by location, categories, and keywords.
  • Filter search candidates by experience level, qualification, and gender.
  • Preview Job posting, company posting option allows you to validate a job posting to check for improper input, misspellings, or unacceptable content before the job/company goes “live”.
  • Employer can send a private message to Candidate.


  • Admin has full control over global site configurations.
  • Manage list company, job, the candidate.
  • Add, edit, and delete companies, company categories,…
  • Add, edit, and delete jobs, jobs categories,…
  • Add, edit, and delete candidate categories, skill,…
  • Add, edit, and delete packages.
  • Admin has full control of jobs/company/candidate setting.
  • Admin has full control over candidate applicants.
  • Apply restrictions on company/job posting.
  • Add/edit/delete pages in the theme.
  • Admin has full control of the message function: Add new message or edit message and delete the message.
  • Admin can manage and approve/reject the candidate’s job application.
  • Admin can manage and edit or delete the meetings.
  • Admin can manage registered user account: Edit role; edit profile; set new/reset password or delete account.
  • Add payment modules or integrate with payment gateway.
  • Ready email templates for New Registered User, Activated Package, Apply for Jobs, Activated Jobs, Approved Jobs, Expired Jobs, New Wire Transfer.
  • Ready setup page for theme.
  • Can change the icon for the theme and show/hide the user navigation.
  • Can Enable and add more social networks.
  • Post Articles.
  • Can manage, approve or decline payments.
  • Manage, approve/decline, and delete comments.
  • Apply Restrictions on Job Posting, Company Profile, Candidate Profile.


  • Civi Framework
  • Elementor
  • Contact Form 7
  • MailChimp
  • Loco Translation


Theme Version 2.0.6 – Jan 11, 2024

[Bug Fixes:]

- Resolve the issue of duplicated time inputs during AJAX loading.
- Fix pending package concerns on the "Choose Package" page.
- Address the Featured Option malfunction.
- Optimize the layout of archived services to better integrate with Google Maps.
- Facilitate the addition of new projects within user profiles.
- Rectify the error displaying Elementor version 3.18.2.
- Correct the issue related to displaying gender in job listings.
- Tackle the problem with subcategories in job alerts.
- Address currency fields that are inadvertently left empty.
- Implement an option to hide reviews in item/page details after deactivation in Theme Options.
- Enhance the description for Google Schema.
- Remove the toggle option for candidate reviews.
- Integrate custom social network fields for candidates.
- Streamline the filter clearing process at the top of archived company listings.
- Enhance the translation of salary information for candidates.
- Refine the appearance of icons in social network widgets.
- Resolve errors associated with the Contact Form 7 widget.
- Correct icon size discrepancies in the dashboard when using the image option to set all icons.
- Address compatibility issues arising from Elementor Pro plugin updates.
- Fix the error that causes the "clear button" to disappear in the filter when selecting the entire country, states, and cities in Job/Candidate/Company listings.

- Enhance the translation for "Year/Month" on the Package page.
- Add an option to enable or disable the radius feature in location-based searches.

[New Features:]
- Create a service archive page seamlessly using Elementor.
- Empower candidates with email notifications when they receive job invitations from employers.
- Introduce new category selection options for companies.
- Implement a location selection feature to enhance the company search experience.

Theme Version 2.0.5 – Dec 7, 2023

[Fix] Translate button "message".
[Fix] Remove my review notification link.
[Update] Compatible with Elementor version 3.18.0

Theme Version 2.0.4 – Now 28, 2023

- Rectified the issue with the default phone number not displaying in the popup job application and added a company option after enabling it in Theme Options.
- Reordered company size categories.
- Addressed icon display problem in the mega menu while using Elementor.
- Resolved discrepancies in displaying days/hours for the Salary option in job submission/filter.
- Corrected the money format on candidate profiles.
- Fixed the inability to showcase newly added social networks in candidate profiles.
- Resolved errors affecting archive companies and candidates on Google Maps.
- Fixed width issues in RTL (Right-to-Left) settings under general options.
- Enabled the option to deactivate the "service" on the left-side menu.
- Fixed default phone settings in company submissions.

- Added Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to the list of countries in the Locations Option.
- Incorporated the ability to set limits for downloading resumes and PDF files based on employer package.
- Updated the time format in the input type date.
- Improved message sorting functionality.

- Enhanced description in Google Job Schema.
- Implemented the function to hide Salary Type in job submission.
- Added a "Add new job categories" field within the job posting section.
- Included phone number and CV URL fields on the login application form.

Theme Version 2.0.3 – Oct 16, 2023

[Fix] Resolved email verification error when using the cache plugin.
[Fix] Fixed file upload issue on Safari for both mobile and desktop.
[Fix] Addressed an issue where deleting content from the email template header/footer resulted in unnecessary spacing and improper position hiding in the email.
[Fix] Corrected the problem preventing the display of service icons.
[Fix] Rectified the error related to hovering over SVG icons.
[Fix] Corrected the display of the number of years of experience in a candidate's profile.
[Fix] Resolved CSS issues with the Widget Search feature.
[Fix] Fixed error messages received after creating an account.
[Fix] Updated the text from "Job post live" to "Package live..." for clarity.
[Fix] Adjusted the mobile sidebar icon.
[Fix] Rectified username and email issues in new user emails.
[Fix] Addressed the problem where the location title was not hidden when related fields were hidden.
[Fix] Adjusted the font style for email content.
[Fix] Fixed the error preventing the publication of services added from the candidate dashboard to the service archive page.
[Fix] Corrected the issue of the logo image not displaying in the popup preview when adding the company logo.
[Fix] Resolved CSS issues related to tickboxes and long text in the login/signup form.

[Update] Added support for multiple languages in theme options.
[Update] Implemented email notifications to candidates when their applications are approved by employers in the dashboard.
[Update] Introduced a "Qualification" field in Job Options under Search Fields.
[Update] Added the option to toggle the display of the user's name on the header after login.

[Add] Implemented a red border line to denote urgent job listings.
[Add] Introduced the ability to filter jobs by gender.
[Add] Added an "eye" icon to allow users to toggle password visibility in the login/register forms.
[Add] Included a default phone number country selection function.
[Add] Provided the option to hide reviews on items after disabling them in Theme Options.
[Add] Enabled the option to customize the background color and border of job elements in Elementor.
[Add] Added a description for Google Job Schema.
[Add] Included a field for Gmail in the application form.
[Add] Enabled the ability to hide items in the dashboard after turning them off in User Navigation.

Theme Version 2.0.2 – Aug 29, 2023


- Included Home Freelancer 04 and Home Freelancer 05.


- Resolved the issue of free submission for candidate services.
- Fixed the problem preventing the creation of a new page named "Employer Service" in the Civi -> Setup page.
- Corrected the page loading error occurring when there's a high volume of jobs.
- Addressed the error in the style of the login and register pages after updating to the new version.
- Rectified the problem with linking category jobs.
- Fixed the issue with the Modern User Form widget.
- Solved the problem of being unable to save the country flag of the phone number.
- Corrected the absence of margins on the right and left sides of pages created using Elementor.
- Resolved the notification error that displayed a package purchase message even though Free submit mode had been selected.
- Corrected the display of the number of Years of Experience in job listings.
- Fixed the candidate approval error where the candidate listing wouldn't appear during the waiting-for-approval process.
- Improved the system to allow repurchasing previously bought packages, regardless of expiration, when all options in the package have been used.

[CSS and Styling]:

- Rectified the CSS error in the phone number input on the login form.
- Login and Registration:

- Resolved the ongoing issue of being unable to log into newly registered accounts, even while waiting for admin approval.
- Fixed the error related to email.


- Added the ability to turn off Payout in the Employer/Candidate dashboard settings.
- Updated the system to address the problem with company/job descriptions when entering long details.
- Fixed the error that prevented sending emails after a job had been approved.
- Corrected the formatting issue with price packages.
- Resolved the error notification that appeared after creating a new account.
- Updated the display of "Present" in Work Experience, Education, etc., in the Candidate Profile.
- Added the option to use either "," or "." characters in the price-service input field.
- Enhanced the system to send emails to candidates after their applications have been approved by employers.

[Language and Localization]:

- Rectified the error related to multiple languages in the footer.

Theme Version 2.0.1 – Jul 28, 2023

- Free submission for candidate's package.
- Translated validation in the form.
- Social Network on candidate details page.
- Skills points in candidate profile.
- Error in candidate profile when changing to another tab in the candidate dashboard.
- Error when choosing to change package despite not paying in Employer.
- Error of losing email content after updating to version 2.0.
- Styled textarea in custom field.
- Admin can now see candidate and employer info.

- Page for candidate categories.
- Page for service categories.
- Option to enable/disable social login.
- Approve button for invoicing employer packages in Admin.
- Display the name of the newly created tab in the custom field on the single candidate page.
- Functionality to find nearby cities from a given city.
- Field Type "Image" on Custom Field.
- Widget for Elementor advanced archive.
- Message display in the Jobs tab of the employer dashboard when a candidate applies without registering/login.
- Option to resend a verification code during the sign-up process.
- Approval process for users after registration.
- State and Country fields in the location archive and single jobs.
- Ability to reply to candidate's messages in the Applicant tab.
- "Phone Number" field in the registration form.

- Show the job category when a job is empty.
- Converted gender field to taxonomy gender.
- Display Country and State in the Location field.
- Candidates can now see their own age, phone, email, etc., information when logged in with their own account.
- Option to change the icon for the ringbell on the top bar.
- Display notification of the number of pending jobs, companies, and candidates in Admin.
- Option to turn on/off Job apply type in Post Job.
- Send an email notification one day before the meeting takes place.
- Default role for registration.
- When selecting "No" in the employer package, it will not show the front end.

Theme Version 2.0.0 – July 10, 2023


- Auto-write job descriptions by AI:
Introducing ChatGPT's automatic job description writing, saving you valuable time and ensuring engaging job listings. Upgrade your recruitment process now! 
- Candidates’ Subscription:
Enhanced membership features for candidates, including various premium benefits. Customize these features on the admin page for an improved user experience.
- Freelance demos and features:
Freelance features: New additions to the Freelance Marketplace model, empowering freelancers and employers alike.
Freelance demos: Explore our 3 stylish and modern theme templates for an enhanced Freelance Marketplace experience.
- CV builder:
Automatically convert candidate profiles into downloadable PDF CVs, streamlining the hiring process for employers.

- Customize header layout:
Take control of your website's header design to match your brand's style and create an engaging user experience.

- Date format:
Customize the date format displayed on your website to suit your preferences and design aesthetics.

- Job filter following by Country, State, and City:
Efficiently filter job listings based on location to find relevant opportunities.

- Sub-category in the job filter and job search form:
Refine job searches with new subcategories, saving time and finding ideal jobs more efficiently.

- Search the category in the dropdown list:
Simplified category selection in the search box for a more user-friendly experience.

- Automated Confirmation Email: Candidate Job Application:
Candidates receive instant confirmation emails upon submitting job applications, customizable within the admin panel.

-  Automated Email Confirmation: No Login Job Applications:
Employers receive automatic job confirmation emails for applications, even without logging in.

- Email Template: Job Alerts:
Enhanced job alert communications with new email templates, ensuring consistent and engaging messages to subscribers about relevant job opportunities.


- New style for the job filter on the Job listing page.
- Pagination button page loads on the Job listing page.
- Option to display expired jobs on the list on the Job Listing page.
- Confirmation alert when clicking "Deactivate account." 
- Only the employer logged in can download the candidate's CV.
- Ability to edit jobs after expiration in the Employer dashboard.
- Customizable 404 Page by Elementor.
- Compatible with Razorpay payment gateway (Razorpay for WooCommerce).
- Image Field Type for a Custom tab of Candidate Profile.
- Option to show/edit the first name and last name in the Candidate profile.
- Display Country name with Currency Symbol in the job post submit form (Ex: CAD - Canadian Dollar).
- Option to hide maps in the candidate profile.
- Back to top button.
- "New location" field in the job submit form.
- Option to turn off automatic email sending after registering for job alerts.
- Ability to disable/enable the registration and login tab in the login form.
- Country code phone number in phone number fields of the job submit form.
- When turning off "job alert," the "job alert" in the top bar menu will also be turned off.
- Option to hide maps on the Job listing page.


- Corrected style for some RTL layouts.
- Improved email template style.
- Fixed translation issue with Job alert content using the Loco Translate plugin.
- Employers now receive email confirmation for "Apply by Email type" job applications.
- "Job alert" menu now behaves correctly when turning off "job alert." 

Theme Version 1.0.5 – Apr 24, 2023

- [Updated]: Civi Framework 1.04.
- [Updated]: Optimize website speed.
- [Updated]: Add default address functionality to the location field in the employer/candidate dashboard.
- [Added]: Add the ability to customize email templates with custom-designed HTML.
- [Added]: Include custom fields for candidate and company information.
- [Added]: Hide the video field in job submission forms.
- [Added]: Add a "What App Sharing" feature.
- [Added]: Implement email verification for new user registration.
- [Added]: Allow the option to hide the salary field in theme options.
- [Added]: Create a new page for login that can be customized by customers.
- [Added]: Enable/disable social share functionality.
- [Added]: Allow the option to turn categories on/off in breadcrumbs and URLs.
- [Added]: Allow candidates to hide their location in their profiles.
- [Added]: Make it possible for users to click and go directly to selected pages from the dashboard.
- [Added]: Add a "Login to View" feature.
- [Added]: Hide the video field in job submission forms for employers.
- [Added]: Notify employers when candidates apply for their job postings.
- [Added]: Make items in the notification dropdown clickable.
- [Fixed]: Fix the error that occurs after changing to a new package for WooComerce payments, which affects customers who have purchased a package.
- [Fixed]: Allow candidates and employers to review only their own profiles.
- [Fixed]: Address issues with the "Yoast SEO" plugin.
- [Fixed]: Enable job approval in the admin dashboard.
- [Fixed]: Improve CSS input search.

Theme Version 1.0.4 – Mar 24, 2023

- [Updated] Civi Framework 1.0.3.
- [Updated] New demos Home 11, Home 12
- [Updated] GEO location search.
- [Updated] Jobs, candidates, employers listing full page layout.
- [Updated] Become an Employer Page.
- [Added] Add description for job, candidate, and company listing card.
- [Added] Open a new tab for jobs, companies, and candidates on the listing page.
- [Added] Number of guests who viewed the job.
- [Added] TinyMCE sort of tool under the visual tab of the description.
- [Added] Payment WooComerce has been added.
- [Added] Background for Mega Menu.
- [Added] Change color in Admin using customize.
- [Fixed] Fix the footer fixed bottom in the dashboard.
- [Fixed] Currency pricing bug.
- [Fixed] Problem when hiding some files in the Candidate profile.
- [Fixed] Problem with day unit in packages.
- [Fixed] Error when disabling user role.

Theme Version 1.0.3 – Mar 9, 2023

- Updated: Civi Framework 1.0.2.
- Updated: Jobs Alert.
- Updated: Login by LinkedIn.
- Updated: RTL demos.
- Updated: Cookie bar.
- Updated: Half Map & Top Map layouts for Candidates and Companies page
- Updated: Search bar with background layouts for Jobs, Candidates, and Companies page.
- Updated: Captcha for Login form.
- Updated: Apply for jobs without Login option.
- Added: Upon signing up with Google, users can now add their Gmail email address to their profile.
- Added: The top bar now applies to all pages.
- Added: A hover effect has been added to job listings on the map.
- Fixed: Translations are now available in the theme options.
- Fixed: Some Styling.

Theme Version 1.0.2 – Feb 28, 2023

- Updated: Civi Framework 1.0.1
- Fixed: Resolved issue with plugin installation
- Fixed: Improved page load speed
- Fixed: Successfully refreshed data import
- Fixed: Resolved login issue with Google accounts
- Fixed: Implemented time limit for importing demo content
- Fixed: Corrected CSS for Safari browser

Theme Version 1.0.1 – Feb 20, 2023

Updated: Notification System (Get real-time alerts with the built-in instant notification system, ensuring you never miss any critical updates related to your job listings)
Added: Figma design file included in the package.
Fixed: Some Styling.


Stuck? Need help? Check Civi Docs website or visit our Support Portal to find FAQ and a way to contact us.