Livo Bank - Complete Online Banking System - 33753572

Livo Bank – Complete Online Banking System – 33753572

About Livo Bank

Livo Bank is complete online banking solution for any type of finance, banking or co-operative organisations. This script comes with all necessary features like deposit, withdraw, currency exchnage, Loan, Fixed deposits, gift cards, payment requests and many others necessary features.This system comes with 6 popular online payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, PayStack, Flutterwave and BlockChain(Bitcoin). You can easily translate this system without editing any code. If you want to start an online Grocery store then this script is the perfect choice for you. You don’t need any extra coding knowledge for installing this script into your server. You can install this system by using built-in one click auto installer and also translate it to multi language by using our language manager.

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Core Features

  • Multiple Currency Account
  • Deposit Via Online Payment Gateways
  • Deposit Via Manual Gateways
  • Withdarw Money
  • Payment Request
  • Exchange Money
  • Reedem Gift Cards
  • Loan Management
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Wire Transfers
  • Blockchain(BTC) Integrated
  • PayPal Payment Gateway
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Razorpay Payment Gateway
  • Paystack Payment Gateway
  • Flutterwave Payment Gateway
  • Customer Management
  • Support Tickets
  • Google Recaptcha V3
  • SMS Notifications
  • Google Login
  • Facebook Login
  • Dynamic Page Management
  • Built-in Website
  • Multi Language Website
  • News Management
  • System User Management
  • Dynamic Role Management
  • Many More . . .

Frontend URL

Admin Login
Password: 123456

User Login 1
Password: 123456

User Login 2
Password: 123456

Update Notes

Version 1.3.3 – 02/June/2022

+ Added GDPR Cookie consent popup
+ Added date time filed in deposit and withdraw form
+ Fix Auto account number while sign up using google/Facebook
+ Added agree checkbox with link of privacy policy and Terms and condition in sign up page
+ Fix some other issues

Version 1.3.2 – 11/April/2022

+ Added Auto Generated Account Number
+ Add Repayment option from admin
+ Show exchange amount before exchange money
+ Added back date deposit & withdraw entry
+ Fixed 2FA resend code Issue
+ Disable send money while allow withdraw is disable
+ Disable Wire Transfer while allow withdraw is disable
+ Disable Exchange money while allow withdraw is disable
+ Support Custom Css & JS code
+ Fixed some other issues

Version 1.3.1 – 02/March/2022

+ Fixed Account Balance Issue When Deposit Status is Pending.
+ Added Pending KYC Widget In Dashboard
+ Added Pending KYC indicator on KYC Documents Navigation
+ Fixed Other Minor Issues

Version 1.3 – 11/February/2022

+ Added Account Number
+ Added KYC
+ Show User Account Balance on User Details Page
+ Fixed Other Minor Issues

Version 1.2 – 28/October/2021

+ Added Email 2FA Login
+ Added OTP for Sending Money 
+ Added OTP for Exchange Money 
+ Added OTP for Withdraw Money 
+ Added OTP for Wire Transfer
+ Added Approval Feature for Send Money
+ Added Approval for Exchange Money
+ Added No Withdrawal Feature to User Account
+ Added Email Notifications
+ Added SMS Notifications
+ Added 17 Email Template
+ Added 17 SMS Template 
+ Added Transaction Reports
+ Added Loan Reports
+ Added FDR Reports
+ Added Bank Revenue Reports
+ Fixed Account Balance Issue on User Dashboard
+ Added Email verification disabled Option
+ Fixed Some other minor issues

Version 1.1 – 19/September/2021

+ Added Recaptcha v3 in Login Page
+ Added Recaptcha v3 in Sign Up Page
+ Added Mobile Verification
+ Added test email sending option for checking valid email configuration
+ Fixed 404 error when clicked on logo
+ Changed default file permission to 755
+ Fixed other minor issues

Version 1.0 – 08/September/2021

+ Initial Release