MyTravel - Ultimate Laravel Booking System - 32680572

MyTravel – Ultimate Laravel Booking System – 32680572

MyTravel – Ultimate Laravel Booking System – 32680572 is a robust and flexible PHP Scripts Theme Forest theme, to help you make the most out of using PHP Scripts to power your eCommerce online store. The design is well suited for Array and multi purpose stores. It is built and comes bundled with most of the advanced features available in most popular PHP Scripts Template on Theme Forest.

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MyTravel  - Ultimate Laravel Booking System - 1 MyTravel  - Ultimate Laravel Booking System - 2 MyTravel  - Ultimate Laravel Booking System - 3

MyTravel is a Booking System based on Laravel, designed for a travel website, Marketplace, Travel Agency, Tour Operator, Room Bnb, Villa Rental, Resort Rental, Make Travel website. With 6+ years working on travel products we confident to bring to you best product for your travel site with optimized UX/UI, friendly on mobile on the search engine.

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Changelog: Version 1.3.1 – 30 May 22

        +  [Fixed] Settings can't save data            
        +  [Fix] The issues ralated Multi-language
        +  [Fix] Hotel detail missed the Badge tags
        +  [Update] Include/Exclude section for Boat module
        +  [Update] Report commission for Admin + vendor

Changelog: Version 1.3.0 – 25 April 22

        + Add 2FA with Google Authenticator
        + Add the PopUp module
        + Add the Vendor listing (homepage block)
        + Add commission detail in the Report        
        + Add discount information in the invoice
        + Add "Radius" option + search option for Auto completed location from Gmap
        + Add "Delete button" allows User can disable their own account
        + Allow searching/Filter by business name in Dashboard > Users
        + Enable enquiry form for Boat module
        + Update icon loading for calendar
        + Update the Stripe to new version
        + Update boat section for Location
        + Update Stripe payment to the new version
        + Update pagination in the Map Layout

        + Hotel/Space by night from 21-24, but 21+24 is disabled so you can't checkout/check-in
        + Checkout page > Booking Detail has an incorrect detailed price
        + Fixed the Twitter Login
        + Fixed missing the target attribute for <a> tag
        + Fixed "Room not available for booking" on the checkout page
        + Fixed uploading image in the Live chat
        + Fixed the media upload issue
        + Fixed the 500 error in the Tour Attribute 


Changelog: Version 1.2.0 – 14 December 21

        + Add new Boat module and relates section(search, listing, detail, checkout)
        + Add Coupon code module
         + Update profile link use username insteads of ID

        + Fixed User chat issue
        + Mobile scroll in the Map layout
        + Fixed gallery issue
        + Hotel-room, validate the number of people before booking a room
        + Services can do booking the last slots at once
        + Modify the Tour include/exclude 
        + Fixed review criteria in the review form
        + Fixed Subcrible issues(add new / bulk action)
        + Tour Availability(Full Book status of Tour is marked for the next day - Case on Open Hours)

Changelog: Version 1.1.1 – 30 Aug 21

        + Add option allow using the image larger than 2500px
        + Add "Min day stay" option for Car  
        + Add "Min day before booking" option for Car
        + Add Homepage layout 2

        + Event can checkout 2 last tickets at once
        + Hide the Auto update tool

        + Multilanguage issue in the hotel booking form and Tour booking
        + Menu is missed in Location detail on Mobile
        + 500 Error when disabled the Event module
        + 500 Error when accessing log
        + 404 Error when accessing Contact report
        + Hide some redundant options

Changelog: Version 1.1.0 – 8 July 21

        - New layout Homepage for Hotel/Tour/Space/Event/Car service
        - New Map-Layout for Hotel/Tour/Space/Event/Car service
        - Add 4 layouts for Location List
        - Add new style for search form(Tab button Pills + Tab button Boxed + Tab button Shadow)
        - Add new  layout for 404 page

        - Update layout for Vendor Dashboard
        - Update new style for Header
        - Update the Space: Tearm Feature Box block

        - Selecting issue (cant able to select the Booking date) in the  Event/Tour/Space detail page
        -  Fixed creating "Flight issue" from Admin and Vendor dashboard
        - Fixed issue pay via Wallet 
        - Fixed Upload avatar image
        - Fixed not found Booking Report issue    
        - Fixed some option is missed in the Style/General/Service settings
        (Logo issues, Main colour, Custom CSS, some fields in the general settings..)
        - Missed default page/post list for menu
        - "Set Paid" feature cant able to update

Server Requirement:

PHP: 7.3 or above

For now we only support MySql and MariaDB: MariaDB: 10.2.7 or above, MySql 5.7.8 or above

Demo site: (Data will be reset each 2 days)

Admin Sandbox: admin@mytravel.test
Password: admin123
Vendor Panel:
Vendor account: vendor1@mytravel.test
Password: 123456Aa