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Corano – Jewelry Store Shopify Theme OS 2.0 – 24593861

Corano – Jewelry Store Shopify Theme is an exclusive classic look Shopify theme for online jewelry stores with 08 unique homepage variations including the RTL version and all must-have features. Since the theme is migrated to Shopify Online Store 2.0, you will get the advanced and updated functionalities provided by the new version. For example, unlike the old Shopify version where the flexibility of adding sections was limited within the homepage only, now you have the opportunity to add sections to all pages. It will help you manage your store more efficiently without requiring code edits, elaborate workarounds with blocks, or custom apps to add sections to other pages.

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Starting an online journey as an e-commerce entrepreneur happens sooner than later if you have a sophisticated e-commerce site. In this regard, Shopify is an ideal platform to create stunning e-commerce websites.

If you deal with jewelry and want to give your business a striking web presence, look no further than Corano – Jewellery Shopify Theme.

Being one of the best jewelry Shopify themes, Corano is all and everything you need to adorn your jewelry e-commerce site beautifully. All the vital e-commerce features and elements are packed into one kit. This eye-catching Jewelry Shopify theme comes with 09 unique versions with RTL. The theme also has a dark version. By means of the RTL (Right-to-Left) support, you can operate your jewelry e-commerce site in languages like Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hebrew, etc. where letters start from right to left.

Corano contains all the webpages essential and vital for a standard e-commerce site. Here you will get an About Us Page, Contact Page, Blog Page, Shop Page, Coming Soon Page, etc. Products can be sorted based on their categories, such as Featured, Best Sales, Bronze, Diamond, Gold, etc.

Thanks to Shopify sections with drag and drop builder, you can effortlessly fine-tune your website and get it fully functional in little to no time.

Besides, Corano is a fully responsive and cross-browser friendly Shopify theme ensuring superb and smooth browsing experience for users of various devices and web browsers.

Once you decide to embellish your website with Corano, you can take advantage of plenty of perks. Some remarkable amenities provided by Corano are Shopify builder, theme color, Newsletter Pop, Ajax Popup Cart, Ajax Wishlist, Quickview, slider, banner, Shortcode, Facebook Comment, Disqus Comment, Custom Tab, and many more.

In a word, Corano is an impactful Jewelry Shopify theme that will do the trick by enabling you to establish an excellent jewelry web store with professionalism. Don’t miss the chance to use this well-documented Shopify theme to stay ahead in the competitive field of the online jewelry business. In case of any difficulty, we will provide excellent after-sales support. Plus, you will get free updates from time to time.

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Main Features List:

  • Quick Install
  • Dark Version
  • Christmas Version
  • Shopify Sections
  • Multi Colors
  • Newsletter Popup
  • Notification Bar
  • Multiple Currency
  • Ajax Popup Cart
  • Ajax Wishlist
  • Quick View
  • Product Compare
  • Product Countdown
  • 3 Types Header
  • Mega menu
  • Slideshow
  • Collection Banner
  • Multiple Banner
  • Banner with Collection
  • Collection Thumbnail
  • Featured Collection
  • Hot Deals Collection
  • Tab With Product
  • Featured Product
  • Related Product
  • Services
  • Testimonial
  • Newsletter
  • FAQ
  • Latest Blog
  • Brand
  • Instagram
  • Video Banner
  • About Info
  • Contact Information
  • Team Member
  • Product Media
    • Images
    • Videos
    • 3D Models
    • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Product Select Option
  • Product Swatch Option
  • Product Customer Choose Option
  • Back in stock notification
  • Product Zoom
  • Ajax Product Inventory
  • Disqus comment option
  • Facebook comment option
  • Product review
  • Product Unique tab
  • Custom Tab
  • Short codes
  • Coming Soon page
  • Preloader
  • Fully Responsive
  • Cross Browser Optimization
  • Documentation

change log

Version: 3.0.2 — Date: 03 – January – 2024

Improved: Product page functionality.
Improved: Product grid color functionality.

Version: 3.0.1 — Date: 01 – November – 2023

Improved: Gift card functionality.

Version: 3.0.0 — Date: 01 – August – 2023

Added: Section Groups
    - Header Group.
    - Footer Group.
    - More Customizable.
    - The flexibility to add sections everywhere.
    - Apps integrate without modifying code.

Improved: Customizability.

Version: 2.5.0 — Date: 01 – June – 2023

Added: Product variant custom color functionality.
Improved: Product grid color swatch functionality.
Improved: RTL functionality.

Version: 2.4.9 — Date: 02 – May – 2023

Added: Complementary product functionality.
Added: Product page gallery sticky.
Added: Countdown timer in the announcement bar.

Version: 2.4.8 — Date: 19 – January – 2023

Added: New home page (Home - 09)
Added: Slideshow (Video) section
Added: Newsletter section

Version: 2.4.6 — Date: 24 – September – 2022

Added: Header menu change option
Improved: Product Recommendations section
Fixed: Newsletter privacy policy checkbox issue

Version: 2.4.5 — Date: 02 – August – 2022

Added: Collection Filter Popup

Version: 2.4.4 — Date: 29 – June – 2022

Added: Predictive Search
Fixed: Cart page mobile issue fixed

Version: 2.4.3 — Date: 08 – June – 2022

Improved: Language and currency switcher functionality

Version: 2.4.2 — Date: 10 – May – 2022

Implemented: Compatible with the Preview Inspector

Version: 2.4.1 — Date: 28 – March – 2022

Added: Shopify default currency functionality
Added: Shopify default language functionality
Improved: Cart page functionality
Improved: Full-width banner functionality

Version: 2.4.0 — Date: 17 – February – 2022

Added: Recent view product in the product page
Added: Sale badge color option
Modified: Sticky add to cart bar
Improved: Full-width banner functionality

Version: 2.3.9 — Date: 06 – January – 2022

Added: Unit price functionality
Added: Preorder functionality
Modified: Product "New" badge by Metafields
Fixed: Reset password successful message issue

Version: 2.3.8 — Date: 04 – December – 2021

Added: Sticky add to cart bar in the product page
Improved: Blog/Article customizer settings
Fixed: CSS issue for the Dark version

Version: 2.3.7 — Date: 14 – November – 2021

Added: Storefront filtering (Updated & Powerful filter)
Fixed: Product app block render issue
Fixed: Product list item action button issue
Fixed: Full-width video banner issue
Improved: Multiple Banner Section

Version: 2.3.6 — Date: 11 – October – 2021

Added: Google map embed code option (Google Map Section)
Fixed: Megamenu image issue
Fixed: Dark version color issue
Fixed: Testimonial carousel issue

Version: 2.3.5 — Date: 15 – September – 2021

Added: Color option in the 'About Info' section
Implemented: Product countdown by Metafields
Improved: Blog/Article sidebar
Modified: CSS file

Version: 2.3.4 — Date: 30 – Aug – 2021

Added: Custom Liquid Section
Added: Product variant text transform option
Added: README.txt file
Fixed: Some minor issues

Version: 2.3.3 — Date: 19 – Aug – 2021

Fixed: Product grid color variant issue
Fixed: Preloader image issue
Updated: Product page sale badge displayed
Updated: Product page discount count change with product variant
Updated: Documentation

Version: 2.3.2 — Date: 03 – Aug – 2021

Added: The routes object (dynamic link)
Added: Collapse option in the Collection sidebar filter
Added: Collapse option in the Blog sidebar filter
Added: Collapse option in the Footer column
Added: Online Store 2.0 all demo version preset
Improved: Responsive
Improved: Breadcrumb
Improved: Product page Variant
Fixed: Dark version issue
Fixed: RTL issue

Version: 2.3.1 — Date: 17 – July – 2021

- Migrated to Shopify Online Store 2.0
    - More flexible, and more maintainable
    - Sections on every page 
    - Drag & drop on every page
- Collection filter chaining added
- CSS issue fixed

Version: 2.3.0 — Date: 07 – July – 2021

Improved: Theme speed
Improved: Theme Functionality
Improved: Search page design
Improved: Theme responsive
Added: 'Buy it now' button text change option
Added: Cancel icon in mini cart and Mobile menu overlay
Fixed: Dark version color issue
Fixed: Full-width banner issue
Fixed: Animation header issue
Fixed: Currency issue

Version: 2.2.9—-—-Date: 12 – June – 2021

Added: 'I agree to the Terms of Service' checkbox with link option in the Newsletter
Fixed: Full-width video banner issue
Improved: Product description
Improved: Testimonial section
Improved: Theme customizer
Improved: Minor design
Improved: Minor CSS

Version: 2.2.8—-—-Date: 22 – May – 2021

Fixed: Product grid color variant issue
Fixed: Product media issue in product page
Modified: Product variant image in product page

Version: 2.2.7—-—-Date: 11 – May – 2021

Fixed: Product badge issue
Added: Social media icon image option
Improved: Responsive

Version: 2.2.6—-—-Date: 25 – April – 2021

Added: 'Contact us' button in the product
Improved: Product zoom
Improved: Product page
Improved: Product Countdown
Modified: Theme minor design and coding
Updated: Documentation

Version: 2.2.5—-—-Date: 17 – April – 2021

Added: 'Ask more questions' feature on the product page
Added: Coming soon product feature
Fixed: Product badge issue 
Improved: Single product page
Improved: Customizer

Version: 2.2.4—-—-Date: 15 – March – 2021

Added: GTranslate (Language)
Improved: Header
Improved: Footer

Version: 2.2.3—-—-Date: 01 – March – 2021

Added: Product media in Product page
    - Images
    - Videos
    - 3D Models
    - Augmented Reality (AR)
Added: New product zoom (Shopify recommended)
Added: New product image popup
Fixed: Dark color issue

Version: 2.2.2—-—-Date:23 – February – 2021

Added: Instagram alternative section
Added: Previous/Next button on the product page
Fixed: Collection banner slideshow color issue
Improved: Product page functionality
Improved: Collection page responsive
Improved: Cart page design 
Improved: Gift card page design
Improved: Mini cart design

Version: 2.2.1—-—-Date:13 – February – 2021

Added: Online Documentation
Added: Product review in Quick-view
Modified: Product grid 
Modified: Product price design 
Improved: Breadcrumb banner

Version: 2.2.0—-—-Date:04 – February – 2021

Fixed: Ajax search issue
Improved: Product & Cart page quantity field
Improved: Universal image size option
Improved: Featured product
Improved: Color field

Version: 2.1.9—-—-Date:23 – January-2021

Added: Price range option in product grid
Added: Tooltip in product swatch
Improved: Password page
Improved: Product bage
Improved: Customizer
Improved: Responsive

Version: 2.1.8—-—-Date:18-January-2021

Added: Right-click disable  option
Added: Selection of text disable option
Added: Progress quantity in 'Hot Deals Collection' Section using Metafield
Fixed: Wishlist issue
Fixed: Collection sidebar custom menu issue
Fixed: Blog sidebar custom menu issue

Version: 2.1.7—-—-Date:03-01-2021

Added: Full-width banner
Added: Full-width video banner
Improved: Dark version
Updated: Wishlist
Updated: Presets

Version: 2.1.6—-—-Date:09-12-2020

Added: Collection description
Updated: Lazyload functionality
Removed: Unnecessary JS files

Version: 2.1.5—-—-Date:28-11-2020

Added: Mobile menu position (Left/Right) option
Modified: Blog archive style
Modified: Blog recent post style
Modified: Footer Newsletter style

Version: 2.1.4—-—-Date:20-11-2020

Updated: Video Banner
Modified: Wishlist & compare button
Modified: Legal pages

Version: 2.1.3—-—-Date:01-11-2020

Added: Button universal color option
Modified: Product grid design
Modified: Collection banner design
Improved: Theme Responsive
Fixed: Text transform issue

Version: 2.1.2—-—-Date:18-10-2020

Improved: Theme speed
Added: Lazyload
Added: Universal image size option
Added: Slideshow image option for mobile
Updated: Footer option

Version: 2.1.1—-—-Date:07-10-2020

Updated: Wishlist
Improved: Responsive
Modified: Mobile header
Fixed: Compare product issue 
Fixed: Translate issues

Version: 2.1.0—-—-Date:24-09-2020

Added: Christmas Home version (New)
Added: Slideshow slide image link option
Improved: Footer color option
Improved: Featured product design
Modified: Mobile menu side position changed
Modified: Mini cart activated on mobile
Fixed: Cart page delivery date issue 
Fixed: Some minor issues 

Version: 2.0.9—-—-Date:14-09-2020

Improved: Theme customizer
Fixed: Mobile device product thumb issue 
Modified: App image option

Version: 2.0.8—-—-Date:03-09-2020

Added: Cart page design for mobile (new)
Added: App image option on footer
Modified: Compare popup text
Modified: Social share
Modified: Popup cart on mobile device
Modified: Breadcrumb Banner
Improved: Dark version

Version: 2.0.7—-—-Date:27-08-2020

Added: Dark home version (New)
Fixed: Instagram issue
Improved: Responsive
Improved: Color option
Updated: Theme customizer

Version: 2.0.6—-—-Date:06-08-2020

Added: Delivery date picker on cart page
Fixed: Discount price issue
Improved: Cart page design

Version: 2.0.5—-—-Date:19-07-2020

Fixed: Testimonial carousel
Modified: Product options
Modified: Featured collection grid height
Modified: Policy pages
Updated: Preloader
Updated: Theme Customizer

Version: 2.0.4—-—-Date:02-07-2020

Added: Inventory information on the product page
Added: Carousel option
Modified: Product grid responsive
Modified: Slider responsive
Modified: Collection sidebar
Modified: Compare product
Modified: Color option
Updated: Theme Customizer

Version: 2.0.3—-—-Date: 21-06-2020

Added: Back In Stock Notification
Added: Preloader Image Option
Added: Mega-menu option

Version: 2.0.2—-—-Date: 13-06-2020

Added: New Instagram

Version: 2.0.1—-—-Date: 10-06-2020

Integrated: Theme editor - Shopify API
Modified: Sections
Modified: Sections editor
Modified: Sections JS
Modified: Theme customizer
Modified: Responsive
Modified: Mobile menu
Fixed: Shop sidebar custom menu

Version: 2.0.0—-—-Date: 03-06-2020

Added: 2 new home pages
Added: Collection banner slideshow
Added: Header title animation
Added: Large height slideshow option
Modified: Section color option
Modified: Service section
Modified: Testimonial section
Fixed: Instagram slide issue

Version: 1.0.9—-—-Date: 10-05-2020

Added: Menu Badge
Added: Body color option
Added: Product border color option
Modified: Product grid swatch 

Version: 1.0.7—-—-Date: 12-03-2020

Updated: Theme speed optimization

Version: 1.0.6—-—-Date: 03-03-2020

Fixed: Single product payment image issue

Version: 1.0.5—-—-Date: 11-01-2020

Modified: Collection Sidebar

Version: 1.0.4—-—-Date: 18-12-2019

Added: Get customers to choose an option
Modified: Affiliate Product

Version: 1.0.3—-—-Date: 03-12-2019

Added: Footer color option
Fixed: Cart page quantity field

Version: 1.0.2 —-—-Date: 26-11-2019

Added: Slideshow and Banner color option

Version: 1.0.1 —-—-Date: 15-10-2019

Fixed: Header Search issue
Modified: Some design
Updated: Documentation


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