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Cryptoon , a next-generation modern and clean Bootstrap 5x dashboard app using flat, modern and minimal design. It is fully responsive built using SASS preprocessor, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery plugins.

Bootstrap 5x

The world’s most popular framework for building responsive, mobile-first sites a complete makeover

Build with SCSS

simplify uses SCSS to make your life editing the styles easier. Simply jump into the well documented sass Code and start customizing.

W3C Code Validate

All the W3C standard is maintained while creating code of template. SEO, page speed and crawling can be managed well by maintaining Web standard.

Free Update

Stay ready with the latest updates of framework architecture nd design. Get the latest updates in timely interval at no extra cost.

Front Page

There are three type of Front layout Option

  • Front Page (Inxedpage-one)
  • Front Page (Inxedpage-two)
  • Front Page (Inxedpage-three)

Front Page Feture Option :

  • Light Layouts(i.e.Default)
  • Dark Layouts Option
  • High Contrast Option
  • Ltr to Rtl Layouts Option
  • Google font Settings Option

Admin Template

Cryptoon App Pages List:

  • Exchange Page
  • Wallet Page
  • Market Page
  • Ico Page
  • Future Page
  • P2P Page
  • Battel Page
  • Trade Convert Page
  • Trade Margin Page
  • Crypto Loan Page
  • Crypto Pay Page
  • Security Page
  • Identification Page
  • Referral Page
  • Reward Center

Ready App Pages

  • Chat App
  • Calandar

Authentication Pages

  • Sign in
  • Sign up
  • Password reset
  • 2-Step Authentication
  • 404 Page

Widget & Example Pages

  • Widget Example(Multipal Example)
  • Apex Chart
  • Price Plan(3 option)
  • Profile Page
  • Tables Example
  • Icon Example
  • Form Example

Account Pages

  • Invoice Page
  • Salary Slip Page
  • Expenses Page

19-Pages available for UI-Components helps to Develop Customization Template Layout

Other Benefits

  • Layout options to easily make the sidebar, Mini sidebar , Rtl & Ltr, Dark & Light, High Contrast
  • Successfully tested on GTmetrix and Google page speed insight
  • Easy to customize pages as you will have power to use prebuilt UI elements on any desired pages with Setting options.

Layouts Option :

  • Light Layouts(i.e.Default)
  • Dark Layouts Option
  • High Contrast Option
  • Ltr to Rtl Layouts Option
  • Template Dynamic Color Settings
  • Google font Settings Option

Updates :

Version 1.4.1 19 September 2023

Jquery 3.6.0 to Latest Update Jquery 3.6.4
Grunt 1.3.0 to Latest Update Grunt 1.6.1
grunt-contrib-uglify 5.0.0 to Latest Update grunt-contrib-uglify 5.2.2
grunt-sass 2.1.0 to Latest Update grunt-contrib-uglify 3.1.0
Add NodeScss 9.0.0
Apexcharts 3.36.0 to Latest Update Apexcharts 3.42.0
Onepage bundal also changes with latests updates

Version 1.4.0 23 January 2023

-- Add New page Inputmask Form.

Version 1.3.0 29 October 2022

-- Add New page One-page (Landing page option 3)
-- Datatables 1.11.5 to Latest Update Apexcharts": "^1.11.5"
-- Apexcharts 3.33.1 to Latest Update Apexcharts": "^3.36.0"
-- prismjs 1.27.0 to Latest Update Prismjs ": "^1.29.0"

Version 1.2.0 01 June 2022

-- Add New Page "Support Ticket"

Version 1.1.0 02 March 2022

-- Datatables 1.10.22 to Latest Update Apexcharts": "^1.11.5"
-- Apexcharts 3.29.0 to Latest Update Apexcharts": "^3.33.1"
-- prismjs 1.25.0 to Latest Update Prismjs ": "^1.27.0"
-- Add New Pages 
    -- Add Todo List Page.

Version 1.0.0 12 Nov 2021

-- Cryptoon - Crypto Bootstrap Admin Template

Browsers Note :

Works well in all latest browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge

General Note :

– All images are just used for Preview Purpose Only. They are not part of the template and NOT included in the final purchase files.

– It does not include any Business logic to produce database records.

– Mobile and Tablet support only standard devices only.


All the Third-party plugins we use are installed via NPM and have their own support and updates separately. Pixelwibes can only provide support for the version of plugins used in the template. It applies to all the framework packages as well

Bootstrap 5:

The HTML version is built upon the bootstrap 5 SCSS. The Frontend framework native bootstrap components will only have support for bootstrap 4 now, and we are overwriting it with bootstrap 5. In the future, when there will be the support of Native components for frontend frameworks, our team will replace overwritten bootstrap 5 with native bootstrap 5 for that framework.