Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template & Laravel 10 Starter Kit

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Dashmix - Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template & Laravel 10 Starter Kit - 4

Dashmix - Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template & Laravel 10 Starter Kit - 5

Dashmix is a fully responsive and premium Bootstrap 5 admin dashboard template and UI framework with Laravel 10 support. It does not use jQuery for its core JS functionality and features a great looking dark mode. Dashmix was built with Sass and ECMAScript 6 (ES6) and comes packed with smart tools such as webpack 5, Babel 7, Gulp 4, Autoprefixer and Browsersync which will save you time and help you build your project faster and more efficiently. It will enable you to build all kind of pages using the same fast and powerful layout. It comes in both HTML and PHP versions to help you rocket start your project your way. A Laravel 10 Starter Kit is also included to help you build your Laravel 10 based project. It was created to be as lightweight and fast as possible. Completely modular with many unique features, it will help you build your next awesome idea.

Dashmix is a professional, flexible, modern, fully featured admin template that can be used to create the UI for all kind of projects: Web Applications, Backend Websites, Websites, Custom Admin Panels, Admin Dashboards, CMS, CRM or even a Portfolio, Blog, Business Website. We encourage you to have a good look at live preview and discover all the included features!


Bootstrap 5

5.8 Update – October 12, 2023

5.7 Update - July 5, 2023
5.6 Update - March 10, 2023
5.5 Update - December 6, 2022
5.4 Update - August 10, 2022
5.3 Update - July 15, 2022
5.2 Update - February 10, 2022
5.1 Update - September 16, 2021
5.0 Release - September 09, 2021

Bootstrap 4

3.3 Update - June 16, 2021
3.2 Update - February 11, 2021
3.1 Update - October 15, 2020
3.0 Update - July 15, 2020
2.3 Update - March 12, 2020
2.2 Update - January 23, 2020
2.1 Update - September 12, 2019
2.0 Update - March 18, 2019
1.5 Update - December 12, 2018
1.4 Update - August 22, 2018
1.3 Update - July 10, 2018
1.2 Update - June 14, 2018
1.1 Update - May 15, 2018
1.0 Release - April 23, 2018

Dashmix was built with extra care and love, based on the valuable feedback we keep receiving over the many years we work on dashboard projects. It follows the best practices and uses the latest technologies. It will enable you to build fast, reliable, user friendly web applications and websites that will look great and work seamlessly across various screens and devices. It will be a valuable tool that will help you create the product that will provoke the emotions and credibility you want for your business.

Key Features

Bootstrap 5
OneUI is based on the latest version of the world’s most popular front-end component library. It comes packed with amazing new features and utilities.

No jQuery
It does not use jQuery for its core JS functionality which means that it can be used in various JS frameworks with minimal effort.

Dark mode
It features a great looking, custom built dark mode for all its color themes and example pages.

Choose the one that better fits your project’s requirements.

Laravel 10 Starter Kit
Rocket start your custom Laravel project with the included starter kit! It includes a few page examples and main assets ready to work with Laravel Vite out of the box

RTL Support
Get Started RTL pages are also included to help you as a starting point for your RTL project.

Built with Sass
Dashmix CSS framework was built with Sass following a completely modular approach. It is easy to understand, customize and extend to fulfill your needs or project’s requirements.

Automation (Gulp 4, webpack 5, Babel 7, Browsersync, Autoprefixer)
Dashmix comes packed with the latest tools already set up to work out of the box. Just a console command away from start coding your project. You don’t have to think about ES6 or Sass compilation, CSS prefixes, web server or live refreshing. Everything just works, so you can focus on your work.

Clean Code
Working with someone else’s code can become uncomfortable and make you unproductive. We strive to ensure that your experience with Dashmix will be the exact opposite.

Powerful Layout
Dashmix’s layout was build with flexbox and is responsive, adaptive and flexible. It enables you to create all kinds of pages that look great and work seamlessly across mobile and desktop devices.

Super-Fast UI
GPU powered sidebar animations and smart CSS styles will ensure a super-fast experience for your mobile and desktop users.

Custom JS APIs
Manipulate blocks and layout any way you want with simple function calls.

Carefully picked and integrated third-party JS components that will enrich your pages with custom functionality. Completely modular design will let you use only the ones you need in your projects.

Ready Pages
All kinds of ready pages designed with attention to detail. Get inspired and create your own.

Font Awesome 6
Dashmix comes packed with the latest version of the most popular icon pack on the planet.

In the package, you will find the Dashmix Docs which can become a valuable tool in getting familiar with the overall structure and helping you start your project faster.

We get to know you better by continuously listening to your feedback. This way, we learn where to focus our efforts and build/improve quality products to better match your needs.

Handcrafted Design

We are passionate with what we do and love crafting products that can make your life easier and help you succeed. We pay attention to small details and always aiming for the best.

We are committed to our work and stand by our projects. Our aim is to improve them in every update and offer the most full-featured packages with the smallest possible footprint.

Less is More
We believe that design should be invisible and enhance the user experience, not get in the way. This gives room for your content to breath and attracts your users’ attention to the right place.


Although Dashmix is well commented & documented, you might need some further help, so feel free to contact us through our profile’s contact form. We will be more than happy to assist you as soon as possible!


  • The content in the template is fictional and doesn’t represent actual functionality unless it is stated otherwise. It is used only for demonstration and for populating the pages with examples.
  • MyPhotoPack provides awesome free images. Thanks to its license, all the images are included with the template!
  • Avatars are included only in the live preview as a demonstration.