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Hostim WordPress Theme

Hostim – Web Hosting and Domain checker solutions WordPress theme. Hostim has the WHMCS Compatible domain checker system to create a perfect hosting provider website. Hostim has awesome pricing tables and custom hosting page examples. It’s easy to use, Mobile friendly, highly customizable codeless layouts creation and allows you to edit your website in a visual mode. Built with Bootstrap 5 CSS framework. 23 Stunning Homepages, 10 Hosting services and 16 inner pages are included in this theme. It is 100% responsive on standard devices. We have used Elementor Page builder with Drag and drop feature.

WHMCS version: 8.8.0

Main Features

  • Ajax Domain Search
  • Added Elementor Templates Library
  • Built with elementor page builder
  • Codestar Framework
  • One Click Demo Import
  • MailChimp newsletter
  • Contact Form 7 Support
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome
  • Flexible Colors & Typography
  • Fast Performance
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Powerful Theme Options
  • Right, Left and Dual sidebar options
  • Custom 404 page selection option
  • Seo Optimized
  • Well Documentation
  • Google Fonts
  • Based on Bootstrap
  • Based on jQuery
  • Unlimited color
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Professional Quick & Faster Support


  • 23 Unique home page, 10 Hosting Demo with 16 inner pages
    100% Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • 250+ Blocks
    250+ Blocks all over the templates that you can use
  • WHMCS Template with Dark Mode
    WHMCS template and orderform with Dark and Light Mode
  • Elementor
    Elementor Templates Library & Built with Elementor page builder
  • Responsive Layout Design
    Responsive Layout Design makes your web page look good on all devices (Desktops, Tablets and Phones).
  • Awesome Blog Pages
    We designed beautiful blog page templates and single blog styles for your news. We know blogging is very important!
  • Font Awesome Icons
    7840+ Font Awesome icon.
  • Used Google Font
    We have used google fonts Inter



Image, Graphics Credits

Images, graphics, and illustrations are taken from some free and online resources. We used images only for preview/ demo purposes. Images will be loaded with your demos when you import them. But you are supposed to replace them with your own.


We do not provide a refund for mistaken purchases or changes of mind. The items we are selling are digital goods. It does not apply to returning it.

Change Logs

V3.7.1 – 16th Feb, 2024
- Fixed Pricing switcher broken issue.
- Fixed Blog Tag empty term issue.
- Fixed Service Faq's empty term issue.
V3.7.0 – 24th Jan, 2024
- Added VPS Hosting 02 Demo
V3.6.0 – 15th Jan, 2024
- Added Hosting Business 02 Demo
- Added Package Period field for Hostim Dual Tab Pricing
V3.5.2 – 10th Jan, 2024
- Added Pricing Period field to Pricing Slider (Layout 2)
- Added Page Header title tag change option into the Theme Options
- Added One more content field to Table Feature (Layout 2)
- Service Post title and description length limit option
v3.5.1 – 19th Nov, 2023
- Fixed Pricing table monthly and yearly switcher color issue
v3.5.0 – 16th Nov, 2023
- Added Isometric Demo
- Fixed Bulk Plugin Installation Issue
- Updated Hostim Pricing Purchase Button custom attributes support
- Added Hostim Heading Highlight Text Gradient
- Updated Hostim logo Carousel Slide Delay
- Updated Hostim Testimonial Carousel Slide Delay
v3.4.1 – 22nd Oct, 2023
- [WHMCS] Updated WHMCS template to version 8.8.0
v3.4.0 – 17th Oct, 2023
- Added Hosting Service 02 Demo
- Added Hosting Business Demo
- Updated Elementor Widgets Controls
- Added Header With Page Meta
v3.3.1 – 5th Oct, 2023
- Updated RTL demo
- Updated Theme Option (Blog Archive)
- Fixed Domain Search button style issue
- Updated Hostim Pricing widget settings
v3.3.0 – 14th Sep, 2023
- Added Elementor Templates Library
- Elementor Deprecated action hook replaced to support v3.16.1
- Mega menu item widget style improved
v3.2.0 – 24th Aug, 2023
- Added Cloud Hosting Demo
- Fixed Hostim Pricing layout-4 column issue
v3.1.0 – 20th Aug, 2023
- Added Web Hosting Demo
- Testimonial widget style improved
v3.0.0 – 9th Aug, 2023
- Added Cloud Server Demo
v2.9.1 – 9th Aug, 2023
- Improved Widgets style
- Improved Blog page header style
v2.9.0 – 25th July, 2023
- Added VPS Hosting Demo
- Improve Pricing Table Style
- Fixed Hostim Button link issue
v2.8.0 – 25th June, 2023
- Added Hosting Home 02 Demo
- Fixed Hostim Game widget layout 04 support platform icon
v2.7.0 – 11th June, 2023
- Added Promotional Home
- Added Sticky header enable/disable option
- Fixed Pricing Single Widget feature list color & typography
- Fixed Hostim Features widget title & content color & typography
- Fixed Hostim Services Faq title & content color & typography
v2.6.0 – 28th May, 2023
- Added Hosting Agency Demo
v2.5.0 – 14th May, 2023
- Added dark mode with custom color selection option.
- Added Dark Mode Color controls in the Elementor section, column, and element advance tab.
- [WHMCS] Updated WHMCS template to version 8.7.2
- [WHMCS] Added Dark Mode in WHMCS template
v2.1.1 – 4th May, 2023
- Updated the deprecated functions
- Updated the One click demo import function
v2.1.0 – 16th April, 2023
- Added Hosting Provider Demo
v2.0.0 – 12th April, 2023
- Added Web Hosting Demo
- Added Dedicated Server Demo
v1.9.0 – 6th Mar, 2023
- Added Data Center Page
- Added Team Page 
- Added Compare Pricing Page
V1.8.0 – 1st Mar, 2023
- Added Career Page and Career Details Page.
- Fixed the Carousel item overflow issue.
V1.7.2 – 17th Feb, 2023
- Added missing word for translation
- Hostim Game Widget layout 2 'All Games' button linking
- Fixed Hostim Doamin Search widget Link Options
- [WHMCS] Custom text translated support
- [WHMCS] Updated Lang folder
V1.7.1 – 17th Jan, 2023
- Added Currency Option Hostim Service & Games Widgets
- WHMCS Orderform checkout.tpl page updated
v1.7.0 – 10th Jan, 2023
- Updated WHMCS Template design based on twenty-one template
- Updated WHMCS Orderform design based standard_cart
- Updated WHMCS version to 8.6.1
V1.6.3 – 25th Dec, 2022
- Added Hostim Hero 'Layout 1' Mark Text color & typography
- Added Hostim Domain Search redirection with the external link
- Improved Hostim Pricing Switcher Widget
- Improved Header top bar menu color
- Improved Hostim Pricing Widget
- Fixed Hostim Feature tab slug
- Improved Hostim Domain Price widget
V1.6.2 – 4th Dec, 2022
- Improved Hostim Pricing widget control Layout 01, 02, 03
- Fixed Service Category slug issues
- Fixed All content showing Hostim Features Layout 02
V1.6.1 – 24th Nov, 2022
- Improved Call To Action button setting from Theme Option and Page Option
- Improved Hostim Pricing Popular and Discount Badge
- Improved "Domain Search Form" widget style and controls
- Added external option for "Domain Search Form" widget layout-3
- Added separate purchase link for each package in "Hostim Pricing Slider" - 01: VPS Tab Slider
V1.6.0 – 21st Nov, 2022
- Added Home Slider 02 Demo
- Added Home Minimal Demo
- Improved Top Header Control Options
- Improved Hostim Game Widget Control
V1.5.5 – 9th Nov, 2022
- Hostim Pricing Slider feature improved
- Hostim Pricing [layout 2] period issue fixed
V1.5.4 – 8th Nov, 2022
- Domain Search form double extension issue
- Extend the Currency Symbol list
- Added style controls to the 'Hostim Features' widget
- Fixed 'Hostim Pricing' annual price issue
- Improved demo data import system.
V1.5.3 – 23th Oct, 2022
- Added support 1-10 numeric numbers in "Hostim Domain Price" 
- Added support to remove all extensions from "Hostim Domain Search Form" 
V1.5.2 – 14th Oct, 2022
- Fixed "Hostim Pricing" - layout 2 can't use numbers in the first character.
- Fixed "Hostim Domain Search Form" issue.
- Fixed "Hostim Pricing" - layout 3 monthly & yearly button issue.
V1.5.1 – 4th Oct, 2022
- Added Hostim Slider Demo
- RTL Demo added
- Bug fixed and code cleanup
V1.5.0 – 28th Sep, 2022
- Added RTL support
- Added Hostim Child Theme
- Added WPML Support
- Added Hostim Slider
- Bug fixed and code cleanup
V1.4.0 – 26th Sep, 2022
 - Added Cloud Hosting Demo
 - Added Email Hosting Demo
 - Added Affiliate Page
 - Added Pricing Page 02
v1.3.0 – 21th Sep, 2022
- Added Black Friday Hosting Demo
- Added Game Hosting Demo
v1.2.0 – 19th Sep, 2022
 - Added Game Hosting Demo
 - Added Dedicated Server Hosting Demo
 - Added Reseller Hosting Hosting Demo
 - Added Mega Menu Option
 - Added Header Variation
 - Added Footer Variation
 - Added Call to Action Button on the Header
v1.1.0 – 14th Sep, 2022
- Added Application Hosting Demo
v1.0.0 – 13th Sep, 2022
- Initial Release