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MaterialPro – Material Design Bootstrap 5 Admin Template – 20203944

<p><img src=”″ alt=”Material Pro”>
<strong>MaterialPro Admin</strong> is a popular open source WebApp template for admin dashboards and control admin panels. Monster is fully responsive HTML template, based on the CSS framework Bootstrap 5 Stable. It utilizes all of the Bootstrap components in its design and re-styles many commonly used plugins to create a consistent design that can be used as a user interface for backend applications. <strong>MaterialPro Admin</strong> is based on a modular design, which allows it to be easily customised and built upon. <br><br>
</p><h3 id=”item-description__features”><strong>Features</strong></h3>
 <strong>5+ Different Dashboards</strong><br>
 <strong>6 Different Demos</strong><br>
<strong>MaterialPro Admin MiniSidebar Demo Version (New)</strong><br>
<strong>RTL Demo Version (New)</strong><br>
<strong>Bootstrap 5 Stable</strong><br>
 <strong>12 Color Skins</strong><br>
<strong>Clean and Creative Landing Page Included (Free $12)</strong><br>
<strong>Data Table Export to CSV, Excel, PDF, Copy and Print</strong><br>
<strong>Main PSD Files Included (Free $12)</strong><br>
 <strong>Range Slider</strong><br>
 <strong>Light and Dark Color Schemes</strong><br>
 <strong>Light/Dark Sidebar</strong> Themes<br>
 <strong>700+</strong> pages<br>
 <strong>500+</strong> Ui Components<br>
<strong>RTL Support</strong>
 Lots of widgets<br>
 <strong> Bootstrap 4x </strong><br>
 <strong>3000+ Fonts Icons</strong><br>
 Fully Responsive pages<br>
 <strong>SCSSbase CSS</strong><br>
 Easy to customize<br>
 <strong>Many Charts Options</strong><br>
 Multi File upload<br>
 <strong>Lots of Table Examples</strong><br>
 <strong>Validation Forms</strong><br>
    <p><strong>Lots of ready to use plugins.</strong></p>
<del>-</del> Main Menu</li>
        <li> <i>   Dashboard    4  </i>
            <li>Dashboard 1 </li>
            <li>Dashboard 2 </li>
            <li>Dashboard 3 </li>
<i>  Applications   </i>
            <li><strong>Chat Application (New)</strong></li>
            <li> Mail box</li>
            <li> Inbox detail</li>
            <li> Compose mail</li>
            <li><strong>Contact / Employee Listing (New)</strong></li>
            <li><strong>Contact / Employee Listing Variation (New)</strong></li>
            <li><strong>Contact / Employee Details (New)</strong></li>
        <li> <i>  UI Elements   13   </i>
            <li>Panels and Wells</li>
            <li><strong>Panel with blockUI (New)</strong></li>
            <li>Sweat alert</li>
            <li><strong>User Cards (New)</strong></li>
            <li>Progress Bars</li>
            <li><strong>List &amp; Media object (New)</strong></li>
            <li><strong>Horizontal Timeline (New)</strong></li>
            <li> <strong>Range Slider (New)</strong>
            <li>Bootstrap UI</li>
        <li> <i>  Forms  </i>
            <li>Basic Forms</li>
      <li>Form Layout</li>
            <li>Form Addons</li>
            <li>Form Material</li>
            <li><strong>Form with Float input (New)</strong></li>
            <li>File Upload</li>
            <li>Form Mask</li>
            <li>Form Validation</li>
            <li>File Dropzone</li>
            <li><strong>Image cropping (New)</strong></li>
            <li><strong>Typehead (New)</strong></li>
            <li><strong>Summernote (New)</strong></li>
            <li>Bootstrap wysihtml5</li>
            <li>Tinymce wysihtml5</li>
<del>-</del> Proffessional</li>
        <li> <i>  Sample Pages  15  </i>
            <li><strong>Starter Page (New)</strong></li>
            <li>Blank Page</li>
            <li><strong>Lightbox Popup (New)</strong></li>
            <li><strong>Treeview (New)</strong></li>
            <li><strong>Search Result (New)</strong></li>
            <li><strong>Utility Classes (New)</strong></li>
            <li><strong>Custom Scroll (New)</strong></li>
            <li>Login Page</li>
            <li><strong>Login page v2 (New)</strong></li>
            <li><strong>Animations (New)</strong></li>
            <li><strong>Register V2 (New)</strong></li>
            <li>Recover Password</li>
            <li>Lock Screen</li>
            <li>Error 400</li>
            <li>Error 403</li>
            <li>Error 404</li>
            <li>Error 500</li>
            <li>Error 503</li>
        <li> <i>  Charts  </i>
            <li> Flot Charts </li>
            <li>Morris Chart</li>
            <li>Peity Charts</li>
            <li>Sparkline charts</li>
            <li><strong>Knob charts (New)</strong></li>
            <li>Extra Charts</li>
        <li> <i>  Tables  7  </i>
            <li>Basic Tables</li>
            <li><strong>Table layouts (New)</strong></li>
            <li>Data Table</li>
            <li>Bootstrap Tables</li>
            <li>Responsive Tables</li>
            <li>Editable Tables</li>
            <li>JsGrid Tables</li>
        <li> <i>  Widgets </i> </li>
        <li> <i>  Icons  </i>
            <li> Font awesome </li>
            <li> Themify Icons </li>
            <li> Simple line Icons </li>
            <li>Linea Icons</li>
            <li>Weather Icons</li>
        <li> <i> Google Map </i> </li>
        <li> <i> Vector Map </i> </li>
        <li> <i>  Calendar </i>
        <li> <i>  Multi-Level Dropdown  </i>
            <li> Second Level Item </li>
            <li> Second Level Item </li>
            <li> Third Level
                <li> Third Level Item </li>
                <li> Third Level Item </li>
                <li> Third Level Item </li>
                <li> Third Level Item </li>
        <li><i>  Log out </i></li>
<del>-</del> Support</li>
        <li><i>  Documentation </i></li>
        <li><i>  Gallery </i></li>
        <li><i>  Faqs </i></li>
<h3 id=”item-description__credits”><strong>Credits</strong></h3>
<li><a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Bootstrap</a></li>
<li><a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>WrapPixel</a></li>
<li><a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Unsplash</a></li>
<li>Please refer our doc for all other credits</li>
</p><h3 id=”item-description__20th-july-2021-v2″>20th July 2021 – v2</h3>
<pre>- Updated Bootstrap version 5
– added accordian page
– added badge page
– added widget feed page
– added apexchart page
– change charts with apexchart in all dashboards
– updated notification page
– updated button page
– updated dropdown page
– updated modal page
– updated tab page
– updated pagination page
– updated typography page
– updated breadcrumb page
– updated list page
– updated grid page
– updated carousel page
– updated scrollspy page
– updated toast page
– updated basic card page , added new card designs
– updated custom card page , added new card designs
– updated app widget, data widget and chart widget pages
– updated all form pages
– updated all table pages
– change card default style
– change inner button style
– updated ecommerce pages
– added authentication login 3 page
– change icon pages style
– remove custom margin-padding class and added default bootstrap margin-padding class
– added dropdown animation in header
– change checkbox and radio button style
– change feather icons in header and customizer
<h3 id=”item-description__version-4-6-21st-november-2019″>Version 4.6 (21st November, 2019)</h3>
<li>Remove custom margin-padding class replace it with the bootstrap default clasess</li>
<li>Remove extra button classes and label classes</li>
<li>Added more examples in modal page html</li>
<li>In RTL demo, fix the input groups radius issue.</li>
<p><strong>Version 4.4 (7th Nov, 2019)</strong>
Updated docs and solved dark version bug.</p>
<p><strong>Version 4.4 (1st May, 2019)</strong>
<li>nouislider updated to 13.1.4 Version</li>
<li>raty-js updated to  2.9.0 Version</li>
<li>bootstrap-colorpicker updated to 3.1.1 Version</li>
<li>bootstrap-table – Added SOME EXTRA TABLES</li>
<li>ckeditor updated to 4.11.3 Version</li>
<li>inputmask – Added 2 new features</li>
<li>masonry-layout updated to 4.2.2 Version</li>
<li>perfect-scrollbar updated to 1.4.0 Version</li>
<li>pickadate updated to 3.6.3 Version</li>
<li>raphael updated to 2.2.8 Version</li>
<li>summernote 0.8.11 Version</li>
<li>tablesaw updated to 3.1.2 Version</li>
<strong>V 4.3 (8th January, 2019)</strong><br>
<li>Updated to Bootstrap v4.2.1</li>
<li>Added form-bootstrap-validation Page</li>
<li>Added ui-spinner Page</li>
<li>Added ui-scrollspy Page</li>
<li>Added ui-toasts Page</li>
<li>Updated ui-bootstrap – Range</li>
<li>Updated ui-modal – Extra Large modal Click on image, Scrolling long content, Vertically Center, Tooltips &amp; Popovers, Modal with Grid,</li>
<li>Updated ui-buttons – Different Menu Content, Button Toolbar with Input Group, Toggle States [Button Plugin], Checkbox buttons with Click[Checked] event, Radio buttons with Click[Checked] event</li>
<li>Updated ui-list-media – JavaScript behavior</li>
<li>Updated ui-carousel    – With Individual Interval</li>
<li>Updated ui-grid – Gutters, Order classes, Offsetting columns, Nesting</li>
<li>Updated form-basic – Custom File Uploads with different languages,</li>
<strong>V 4.2 (13th July, 2018)</strong><br>
<li>[updated]        bootstrap-select.min.js                 –     to v1.13.1  </li>
<li>[updated]        fontawesome-all.min.css                –    to the leatest version</li>
<li>[updated]        cropper.min.js                    –    to v4.0.0</li>
<li>[updated]        typeahead.jquery.min.js                –    to v0.11.1</li>
<li>[updated]        bootstrap-editable.min.js                –    to v1.5.1</li>
<li>[updated]        summernote-bs4.min.js                –    to v0.8.10</li>
<li>[updated]        tinymce.min.js                    –    to v4.7.11</li>
<li>[updated]        datatables.min.js                    –    to v1.10.18</li>
<li>[updated]        footable.min.js                    –    to v3.1.5</li>
<li>[updated]        jquery.inputmask.bundle.js                –    to v3.3.11</li>
<li>[updated]        bootstrap-tagsinput.min.js                –    to v0.6.1</li>
<li>[updated]        bootstrap-datepicker.min.js                –    to v1.8.0</li>
<li>[updated]        jquery.bootstrap-touchspin.min.js            –    to v4.2.5</li>
<li>[updated]        jquery.multi-select.js                    –    to v0.9.12</li>
<li>[updated]        daterangepicker.js                    –    to v3.0.3</li>
<li>[updated]        moment.js                    –    to v2.22.2</li>
<li>[updated]        bootstrap-timepicker.min.js                –    to v0.5.2</li>
<li>[updated]        jquery-clockpicker.min.js                –    to v0.0.7</li>
<li>[updated]        jquery-asColorPicker.min.js                –    to v0.4.4</li>
<li>[updated]        jquery-asGradient.min.js                –    to 0.3.2</li>
<li>[updated]        dropify.min.js                    –    to v0.2.1</li>
<li>[updated]        ion.rangeSlider.min.js                –    to v2.1.6</li>
<li>[updated]        jsgrid.min.js                    –    to v1.5.3</li>
<li>[updated]        tablesaw.jquery.js                    –    to v3.0.9</li>
<li>[updated]        jquery.dataTables.js                    –    to v1.10.13</li>
<li>[updated]        bootstrap-treeview.min.js                –    to v1.2.0</li>
<li>[updated]        jquery.magnific-popup.min.js                –    to v1.1.0</li>
<li>[updated]        morris.min.js                    –    to v0.5.0</li>
<li>[updated]        chartist.min.js                    –    to v0.11.0</li>
<li>[updated]        jquery.sparkline.min.js                –    to v2.1.2</li>
<li>[updated]        jquery.peity.min.js                    –    to v3.3.0</li>
<li>[updated]        select2.full.min.js                    –    to v4.0.6 rc-1</li>
<li>[updated]        sweetalert.min.js                    –    to v7.25.0</li>
<li>[updated]        jquery.flot.js                    –    to v0.8.3</li>
<li>[updated]        Chart.min.js                    –    to v2.7.2</li>
<strong>Version 4.1 (10th February, 2018)</strong><br>
     <li>Updated to Bootstrap 4 Stable Version</li>
     <li>Fixed Tooltip Issue</li>
        <li>Fixed Calendar Issue</li>
<strong>Version 3.1.1 (18th November, 2017)</strong><br>
     <li>Minor Bug Fixes in Angular 5 Starter Kit</li>
<strong>Version 3.1 (17th November, 2017)</strong><br>
     <li>Updated Angular 4 cli to Version 5</li>
     <li>Updated Documentation with more third-party plugin’s docs Links</li>
     <li>In table-bootstrap.html page, Sortable Table Dropdown’s display issue – Resolved</li>
     <li>In sidebar, white background on active anchor tag is corrected.</li>
<strong>Version 2.2.1 (15th Spet, 2017)</strong><br>
<li>Added Form warning, error and success classes</li>
<li>In custom js Card block replaced to card-body</li>
<li>Table contextual classes added</li>
<li>Calendar CSS Fixed</li>
<li>Align more tag in inbox page</li>
<strong>Version 2.2 (19th Aug, 2017)</strong><br>
<li>Bug resolved in email page button down</li>
<li>Bug resolved of Landing Page main banner image overlapping in Safari</li>
<li>Bug resolved of Landing Page dropdown menu not clickable</li>
<li>Bug resolved of Left sidebar menu (icon and text) alignment</li>
<strong>Version 2.1 (15th Aug, 2017)</strong><br>
<li>Updated to Bootsrap 4 Beta</li>
<strong>Version 1.4 (24th July, 2017)</strong><br>
<li>Updated Angular Version</li>
<li>Some Minor Bug Fixing</li>
<strong>Version 1.3 (12th July, 2017)</strong><br>
<li>Added PSD Files for Dashboards</li>
<strong>Version 1.2 (16th June, 2017)</strong><br>
<li>Added Horizontal Demo Dark Version</li>
<li>Resolved Spacing issue in Horizontal Version</li>
<li>Resolved Sub-Menu issue in Horizontal Version</li>
<h4 id=”item-description__change-log”>Change Log</h4>
<h5 id=”item-description__5-march-2020-v4-7″>5 March 2020 – v4.7</h5>
<pre>       1. add ready to working application
        – Chat
        – Contact
        – Invoice
        – Notes
        – Todo
    2. In Horizontal,
        – change sidebar menu color darken
        – give proper height to the pages dropdown