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Maxima WordPress Theme reviews

Maxima WordPress Theme reviews

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Maxima WordPress Theme Responsive Videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and TED)

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Maxima WordPress Theme Right-To-Left CSS and layout support for Languages Like Arabic or Hebrew

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Maxima WordPress Theme Developer Friendly (Gulp, ITCSS, Sass, NPM, Bower)

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Maxima is a modern, clean, and minimal WordPress theme for your next blog.

Maxima is created for those who want to create a minimal and beautiful online content site or a personal blog.

Every element is designed with simplicity and details in mind, and well-tailored to match your own taste.

Maxima it is 100% responsive, that means it fits with all different kind of devices in different sizes.

Without bloated code and unused features, Maxima is doing one thing and doing it very well for you, just to help you create a simple and elegant blog.

Clean Design

I love minimal and functional design as you do, so every element designed with simplicity and details in mind, and well-tailored to match your own taste.

Fully Responsive

Maxima created from the ground up to work on different devices from mobile phones, tablets, and desktop with performance in mind.

Translation Support

Has a .pot file that you can use to translate all theme text into your own language.

RTL Support

Right-To-Left CSS and layout support for Languages Like Arabic or Hebrew.

Social Media Share Integration

Maxima WordPress Theme Social Media Sharing (Twitter, Facebook)

One Click Demo Import

Import the demo data with a click of a button. Essential if you are just getting started and you want a base content to start with.

Custom Logo Support

Upload your own logo to WordPress admin and Maxima will take care of the rest. No coding required.

Footer Widgets Areas

Customizable Footer with 4 Widget Areas to add any kind of widget.

Custom 404 Page

Maxima comes with custom and designed 404 Page designed for you. Showing your recently published posts.

Responsive Videos

Make your embedded videos responsive and flexible with any screen size. A full responsive video feature built in and will take care of your videos rendering. (YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, TED, Dailymotion, and Facebook)


I don’t let you wonder how to do this or that, that’s why you will have access to online and updated online documentation.

Developer Friendly

Developed with the latest web technologies and tools including Sass, ITCSS, Gulp, NPM, and Bower. Check out Theme Development about preparing your development workflow.

What’s Inside the Package?

  1. Ready to Install maxima.zip
  2. Ready-to-extend maxima-child.zip (Child Theme)
  3. Detailed Documentation

Maxima Ghost Version

Maxima - Minimal Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme - 1


I’m dedicated, listening, value and welcome your feedback. If you have something to share, please send me an email at aspirethemes@gmail.com. Let’s make the theme better, useful and valuable for you.

  ------------  VERSION - 1.2.4: Release on 29 Jan 2020  ------------
  [+] FIX: Fixed social icons loading issue (Thanks 钟涛)
  [+] Improvement: Caption design
  ------------  VERSION - 1.2.3: Release on 10 Sept 2018  ------------
  [+] FIX: Search page pagination layout (Thanks Noah)
  ------------  VERSION - 1.2.2: Release on 5 Sept 2018  ------------
  [+] Improvement: Updated masonry-layout & imagesloaded and other bower components
  ------------  VERSION - 1.2.1: Release on 25 August 2018  ------------
  [+] NEW: Added Arabic translation
  [+] FIX: Content list indentation (Thanks Noah)
  ------------  VERSION - 1.2.0: Release on 12 August 2018  ------------
  [+] Improvement: JS files version number to load the right file version
  ------------  VERSION - 1.1.9: Release on 10 July 2018  ------------
  [+] NEW: Responsive video support for Facebook, Twitch and Daily Motion
  [+] Improvement: Close the sidebar menu when clicking on the content area
  [+] Improvement: Search design
  [+] Improvement: Typography
  [+] Improvement: Post page header date and category styles
  [+] Improvement: Audio embed margin-bottom
  [+] FIX: Comments form cookies check mark label align
  ------------  VERSION - 1.1.8: Release on 29 Oct 2017  ------------
  [+] FIXED: Search page grid layout
  ------------  VERSION - 1.1.7: Release on 7 Oct 2017  ------------
  [+] Improvement: Improvement the design of the off-canvas control buttons
  ------------  VERSION - 1.1.6: Release on 29 Sept 2017  ------------
  [+] FIXED: Logo upload issue and enable skip cropping option
  ------------  VERSION - 1.1.5: Release on 26 Sept 2017  ------------
  [+] FIXED: Content width media settings value
  [+] FIXED: Link underline border selection style in post page
  ------------  VERSION - 1.1.4: Release on 26 August 2017  ------------
  [+] FIXED: Grid spacing issue when rotating the screen
  ------------  VERSION - 1.1.3: Release on 22 August 2017  ------------
  [+] FIXED: Grid white space on iPhone Safari
  ------------  VERSION - 1.1.2: Release on 16 May 2017  ------------
  [+] FIXED: Internet Explorer 11 layout fixes
  ------------  VERSION - 1.1.1: Release on 4 May 2017  ------------
  [+] Improvement: Fixed responsive images in small screens
  [+] Improvement: Added videopress responsive video support
  [+] Improvement: Header logo space increased for wide text
  [+] Improvement: General code cleaning and small fixes
  ------------  VERSION - 1.1.0: Release on 1 May 2017  ------------
  [+] Improvement: Footer copyright section design
  ------------  VERSION - 1.0.9: Release on 25 April 2017  ------------
  [+] Improvement: Removed duplicate font loading
  [+] FIXED: Issues with search text placeholder in search form
  [+] FIXED: Strong element style
  [+] FIXED: Pagination in search page
  ------------  VERSION - 1.0.8: Release on 5 April 2017  ------------
  [+] FIXED: Featured image alignment in post page
  ------------  VERSION - 1.0.7: Release on 2 April 2017  ------------
  [+] Improvement: Content scrolling is fixed when the sidebar is open in small screens
  ------------  VERSION - 1.0.6: Release on 28 March 2017  ------------
  [+] FIXED: Off-canvas section position when scrolling the page
  ------------  VERSION - 1.0.5: Release on 27 March 2017  ------------
  [+] Improvement: Updated social media Icons for more updated and new ones like Instagram
  [+] Improvement: Updated NPM & Bower packages for development needs
  [+] Improvement: Enhancements to code quality and general optimizations
  ------------  VERSION - 1.0.4: Release on 15 Feb 2017  ------------
  [+] NEW: Make the author image click-able to improve user experience
  [+] NEW: Make Next & Previous post pagination to be full width in mobile view
  [+] FIXED: Categories space issue in mobile view
  [+] FIXED: Input element zoom issue in Safari for iPhone
  ------------  VERSION - 1.0.3: Release on 13 Feb 2017  ------------
  [+] FIXED: Comment form inputs in mobile view
  [+] FIXED: Footer padding space
  ------------  VERSION - 1.0.2: Release on 2 Feb 2017  ------------
  [+] NEW: Improve the design of the post date in single page
  [+] NEW: Improve the design of the search page header
  [+] NEW: Added responsive video support for videos in comments
  [+] NEW: Added responsive video support for TED videos
  ------------  VERSION - 1.0.1: Release on 17 Jan 2017  ------------
  [+] FIXED: Layout direction in RTL
  ------------  VERSION - 1.0.0: Release on 13 Jan 2017  ------------
  [+] Initial Release

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