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Ronby | 6 Niche Business Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme – 23555308

Ronby theme is perfectly suitable for 6 niches (Agency Business, Medical, Restaurant, Fitness, Construction, Fashion Shop). Every niche is designed according to its purpose. In this theme every home has its own unique elements and inner pages which is basic need of niche, while most themes come with same common inner pages and elements for all home variations.

Ronby 6.1.2 is live!
Compatible with WordPress 6.4.x / 6.3.x / 6.2.x / 6.1.x / 6.0.x / 5.9.x / 5.8.x / 5.7.x
Compatible with WooCommerce 8.6.x / 8.5.x / 8.4.x / 8.3.x / 8.2.x / 8.1.x / 8.0.x / 7.9.x / 7.8.x / 7.7.x / 7.6.x / 7.5.x / 7.4.x / 7.3.x / 7.2.x / 7.1.x / 7.0.x / 6.9.x / 6.8.x / 6.7.x / 6.6.x / 6.5.x / 6.4.x / 6.3.x / 6.2.x
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How Ronby is Different From Other Multipurpose Themes?

You know, most of the multipurpose themes in the market build different demos by using same/similar elements. They just change the image and colors of the elements for different demos. BUT, in this theme (RONBY), you see every demo got it’s own unique elements and features. We did not use same/similar elements for each demo by changing the color/text/image only. We created and used 100+ unique elements and used for different purposes. Just using this ONE theme you will be able to create unique sites for Medical, Restaurant, Fitness, Constructions, Agency business and Shop.

One-Click Demo Import

Ronby demos are ready with 1 click demo import facility. If you’re new to design and develop websites, importing a demo can be the perfect starting point and you can have all the pages and content ready. The recommended php configuration to use the 1 click demo import : max_execution_time 180; memory_limit 128M; upload_max_filesize 32M.

100+ Powerful Options

Ronby Theme comes with a lot of options that enables you to change any section of your site without touching a single line of codes! Also Ronby Theme comes with Meta Box options so that you can create different headers, different footers, different colors for different pages.

100+ Custom Drag/Drop Elements

With the help of 100+ Custom Elements in WPBakery page builder, you can create your pages as many variations as you like. There are unlimited possibilities; just Drag and Drop elements in the pages or posts to make a stunning website.

Other Theme Features of Ronby Theme

  • Multi-Purpose Design
  • WooCommerce Wishlist Support
  • WooCommerce Compare Support
  • WooCommerce Quick View Support
  • 17 Pre-Built HomePage and 300+ Inner Pages Layouts
  • Unlimited Color Styles
  • 100+ Shortcodes
  • WPBakery Page Builder bundled
  • Revolution Slider bundled
  • Plenty of Widgets
  • Multiple Page Styles
  • Social Sharing Features
  • Sticky Menu
  • Ajax Pagination
  • Images With jQuery Inner Zoom
  • Ajax: Add To Cart, Wishlist and Compare
  • Clean Cart Module
  • Easy To Customize
  • SEO Optimized
  • Online Documentation
  • Gutenberg Optimized
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Tableless Design
  • Tons of Features & Components
  • 100% Responsive and Mobile Ready
  • Compatible with WPML multiple languages
  • jQuery Enhanced
  • Dedicated Support
  • Neat and Clean
  • Well Documented
  • Cross Browser Support
  • FAST Support & Updates
  • And Much Much More…

Compatible With

Ronby theme is fully compatible with the following versions of WordPress:
WordPress 6.4x, WordPress 6.3x, WordPress 6.2x, WordPress 6.1x, WordPress 6.0x, WordPress 5.9x, WordPress 5.8x, WordPress 5.7x, WordPress 5.6x

And, the following versions of WooCommerce Simple Products :

WooCommerce 8.6x, WooCommerce 8.5x, WooCommerce 8.4x, WooCommerce 8.3x, WooCommerce 8.2x, WooCommerce 8.1x, WooCommerce 8.0x, WooCommerce 7.9x, WooCommerce 7.8x, WooCommerce 7.7x, WooCommerce 7.6x, WooCommerce 7.5x, WooCommerce 7.4x, WooCommerce 7.3x, WooCommerce 7.2x, WooCommerce 7.1x, WooCommerce 7.0x, WooCommerce 6.9x, WooCommerce 6.8x,  WooCommerce 6.7x, WooCommerce 6.6x, WooCommerce 6.5x, WooCommerce 6.4x, WooCommerce 6.3x, WooCommerce 6.2x


v6.1.2 – 7th February 2024
1. Improvement: WordPress 6.4.x Compatible
2. Improvement: WooCommerce 8.2.x, WooCommerce 8.3.x, WooCommerce 8.4.x Compatible, WooCommerce 8.5.x and 8.6.x Compatible
v6.1.1 – 19th September 2023
1. Improvement: WooCommerce 8.1.x compatible
v6.1.0 – 24th May 2023
1. Improvement: PHP 8 Compatible
2. Improvement: WordPress 6.2.2 Compatible
3. Improvement: WooCommerce 7.7 Compatible
v6.0.0 – 1st April 2023
1. Improvement: WordPress version 6.2 compatible
2. Improvement: WooCommerce version 7.5+ compatible
v5.8.0 – 5th November 2022
1. Improvement: WooCommerce version 7.1+ compatible
v5.7.0 – 5th November 2022
1. Improvement: WordPress version 6.1 compatible
2. Improvement: WooCommerce version 7.0.1 compatible
v5.6.0 – 22nd April 2022
1. Improvement: WordPress 5.9.x and WooCommerce 6.4.x (simple product) compatible work Done.
v5.5.1 – 9th January 2022
1. Improvement: Bundled plugins installation process is now more user-friendly.
v5.5.0 – 2nd December 2021
1. Verification process included in admin area.
2. Improvement : WooCommerce version 5.9 (simple product) compatibility work done.
v5.4 – 23rd November 2021
1. Improvement : WordPress version 5.8.2 compatibility work done.
2. Improvement : WooCommerce version 5.8 (simple product) compatibility work done.
v5.2.1 – 23rd September 2021
1. Improvement : WooCommerce version 5.6.0 (simple product) compatibility work done.
v5.2 – 15th July 2021
1. Improvement: WooCommerce 5.4.x and 5.5.x compatible.
v5.1 – 22nd April 2021
1. Improvement: WooCommerce 5.2x compatible.
2. Improvement: Language (pot) files updated.
v5.0 – 9th April 2021
1. Improvement: WordPress 5.7.x and WooCommerce 5.1.x compatible
v4.1 – 11th October 2020
1. Fixed: Small CSS issues here and there.
2. Demo data file updated.
v4.0 – 22nd September 2020
1. WordPress version 5.5x compatibility work DONE!
2. WooCommerce Version 4.5x Compatible.
v3.0 – 1st August 2020
1. Social sharing widgets updated according to the latest terms.
v2.2 – 2nd April 2020
1. WordPress version 5.4 compatibility work DONE!
2. WooCommerce Version 4.3x Compatible.
v2.1 – 22nd March 2020
1. WooCommerce Version 4.0x Compatible.

v2.0 – 2nd February 2020

1. Language Files update.
2. Voluntary CSS update.
v1.8 – 19th December 2019
1. WooCommerce 3.8 Compatible.
2. Fixed: Out of stock products was showing as available.
v1.7.1 – 25th October 2019
1. Fixed: Admin > Comments page showed some warning messages.
v1.7 – 10th September 2019
1. Demo data of 1 click demo import updated.
v1.6.1 – 23rd July 2019
1. Custom vc template files updated and fixed column_text not showing issue.
v1.6 – 16th July 2019
1. Demo data updated according to live preview updates
2. Slider files included in main purchased files
3. Three new elements included
v1.4 – 19th June 2019
1. 10 new elements included
2. Two new demo variation included (Tech Demo and Agency Demo)
3. Language files updated
v1.3.1 – 14th June 2019
1. Two new elements included (portfolio slider, about us new)
v1.3 – 13th June 2019
1. Language pot file updated.
2. Fixed: Can't use function return value in write context in PHP 7.
v1.2.1 – 11th June 2019
1. Fixed: Error notice in PHP 7.
v1.2 – 10th June 2019
2. Language file updated.
v1.1 – 3rd June 2019
1. New home variation added in the theme for 1 click demo import.

Note: Some images in the live preview are used for preview purpose only and not included in the final purchase files.