Gather - Event & Conference WP Landing Page Them - 12799586

Gather – Event & Conference WP Landing Page Them – 12799586

Gather – Event & Conference WP Landing Page Theme

– Latest Version 3.0.5 – March 06, 2020
– WordPress 5.3.x compatible
– WooCommerce 3.x compatible
New: Home – WooCommerce
New: Tickets and coupon can be limited
New: Images Gallery element with multiple images selections and INFINITE SCROLL to load more
Paypal Testing:
Email :
Password: 123456789
Stripe Testing: Cards

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The most comprehensive, responsive WordPress Theme you?ll ever need to create beautiful Meetup, Conference & Events websites!

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Do you run events, conferences and meetups using industry standard software like Eventbrite? Are you totally sick of the bland designs on offer?

Would you like to build stunning landing pages that drive subscribers to action? Gather for WordPress was made just for you.

With so much built in capability and stacks of pre­built demo pages carefully crafted to suit a wide range of events it is no wonder that Gather is an award winning Theme.

Don?t take our word for it, try it out now for FREE

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Award Winning Design

Gather has been awarded the Best Creative and Conversion Oriented UXlanding page design by industry experts, and also by Envato?s own Most Wanted Contest.

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Design Philosophy

Gather is a responsive theme designed with modern flat design principles. Your event website will look great on all kinds of modern devices, whether it’s iPhone, iPad or Android, We?ve got you covered.

Say goodbye to 90?s design. Built with the latest design trends Gather will make your event website feel more trustworthy than any other theme in the market.

PayPal Integration

Hosting a paid event ? Don?t worry , Gather comes with Working Paypal Payment integration, not just dummy link. Yes ­ you read that right!

Just setup your Paypal email and registration form fields in WordPress and start accepting payments for your event. No complex setup or sleepless nights.

Gather - Event & Conference WP Landing Page Theme - 10

Eventbrite Registration

Hosting an event via Eventbrite? You can easily display Eventbrite Ticket information with Gather. Just enter your embed link for Ticket Form widget onto shortcode element setting, and Gather will take care of the rest. See Eventbrite Demo.

Gather - Event & Conference WP Landing Page Theme - 11

MailChimp Subscription

Collecting leads for an upcoming event? You can use the Mailchimp version of our theme to collect email leads for your event. Perfect for coming soon event or Webinars.

Gather - Event & Conference WP Landing Page Theme - 12

Email Registration

Not a MailChimp user? No matter, you can just as easily use our classic email registration? for your event. Admins receive notification once registrations are submitted, which is also added to your database.

No double ups, no messy spreadsheets manually managing email lists. Includes a button that admin users can click to send Paypal details directly to the user.

Event Registrations Manager

Bundled with Gather is a premium custom plugin – at no extra cost – that allows you manage your registrations with ease. It integrates beautifully with your email system and has a configurable template that allows you manage which information goes to who.

Gather - Event & Conference WP Landing Page Theme - 13

Google Maps

Gather comes complete with Google Maps styled to your theme color, and includes an option to get directions to the event location providing your subscribers with a complete user experience.

Gather - Event & Conference WP Landing Page Theme - 14

Event Countdown Widget

Start a countdown until your event. Everyone loves a countdown! Gather comes with a handy countdown widget allowing you to set your event date and see the countdown instantly ­no other settings required.

Gather - Event & Conference WP Landing Page Theme - 15

Speakers & Sponsors

Gather includes a dedicated sections for Event Speakers and Sponsors. Add unlimited speakers and sponsors and Gather automatically adds them into a modern, touch friendly carousel where users can swipe to see speakers or sponsors. You can also create a profile page for the speakers, it comes with custom Speaker post type.

Gather - Event & Conference WP Landing Page Theme - 16

Header Layouts

Choose from 5 different header layouts: Solid Color (with 7 color themes), Image Parallax, Content slider, Video Background and a Slideshow Background. Test drive each layout and choose one that works best for you!

Simple and no need to code anything.

Custom Thank you Page

Gather comes with an option to set a custom redirection page for all forms for those times you need users to be redirected to a custom page (ie Thank you, Success page or to track conversions etc) once a form is submitted.

Gather - Event & Conference WP Landing Page Theme - 17

Vertical Timeline

Show your event Schedule in a classy vertical timeline! Grab users attention with this modern timeline display ­you can even create multiple timeline for Multi­day events. Each category can have Children categories for Nested Tabs. This ensures the schedule is easily readable for users.

Gather - Event & Conference WP Landing Page Theme - 18

Photo & Video Gallery

The ability to add Event Photos and Videos to your events makes Gather something special, you can even add photos to past events. Your users will love the ability to look back on past events and relive the moment through photography.

Gather - Event & Conference WP Landing Page Theme - 19

Extensive Documentation

We have spend many other days to create an extensive documentation for this theme. We know that making the best theme is not enough. A helpful documentation is a part of this theme. Our documentation will guide you to customize this theme from scratch to hosting to your event. Read Documentation Online

FREE Lifetime Updates!

Once you buy this, you will get all future updates for free. No exta cost is needed. Yes, It one time fee. Just navigate to your download page and download the new package when its arrived.

Top Quality Support from Author

That?s right ­there is no middle man to handle your support request. Your questions will be answered by the author, who created the design and developed the code. Nobody else will no better. Expect a reply with in 4 to 6 hours during weekdays.

So Much More

There is so much more to discover, build and create with Gather for WordPress, take some time to read through the exhaustive full feature list below.

Full Feature List

  • Work on WordPress latest version
  • Visual Composer Drop & Drag Page Builder (save $34)
  • Advanced Elements for Visual Composer
  • 8 different style home page: Solid Color, Content Slider, Image Parallax, Slideshow Background and Video Background
  • Fully responsive
  • WooCommerce 3.x compatible
  • Retina ready
  • 3 different icon fonts Glyphicons,Font Awesome and Streamline icons.
  • Pricing Tables
  • Twitter Testimonials
  • On­scroll Animations
  • Accommodation display
  • Shortcodes
  • Event Registrations Manager plugin for Paypal and Email registration.
  • Coupon codes for percent and fixed discount amount on Paypal registration.
  • Working Mailchimp subscription
  • Eventbrite Integration
  • Tickets and coupons can be limited now
  • Support Contact Form 7
  • Event Schedules Manager plugin
  • Power Theme Options with Redux framework
  • Images gallery with multiple images selection and infinite scroll to load more
  • One Click Import Demo Data
  • Filterable Gallery with tabs
  • 600+ Google Web Fonts
  • Retina Icons (Font Awesome 4.5)
  • Bootstrap Framework 3.3.4
  • Translation Ready with .pot file included
  • Page + Post setting with metabox
  • Right, Left sidebar or Full width Blog
  • Post format
  • Blog template and layout included
  • Child Theme included
  • Auto Update Theme
  • Demo Data xml file included
  • Unlimited Color
  • Well documented ? Setup theme tutorial video
  • One Page Scroll
  • And much more


  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item?s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets


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Credits & Sources

Changelog – How to update theme?

Version 3.0.5 - March 06 2020
     * Fixed - Stripe reservation on PHP7+ version
     * Fixed - Mailchimp subscribe form
Version 3.0.4 - March 03 2020
     * Fixed - Theme Options error
Version 3.0.3 - January 03 2020
     * Fixed - Can not save Stripe Options
Version 3.0.2- January 03 2020
     * Fixed - Can not add new price on admin option page
Version 3.0.1 - December 21 2019
     * Fixed - Import demo data
Version 3.0.0 - November 19 2019
     NOTICE: After this update version you may need to translate some texts again. So please backup your translation files to safe place first.
     * Updated - Compatible with WordPress 5.3
     * Updated - Compatible with PHP 7+
     * Updated - Required plugins latest version
     * Fixed - Some small errors
2017-11-08- Version 2.7
    * Added - Play/Pause HTML5 background video scripts
    * Added - Schedule content type option
    * Fixed - Stripe email error
    * Fixed - Google map marker error
    * Fixed - Some small error
    * Updated - Required plugins latest version
2017-08-06- Version 2.6
    * Added - Home - WooCommerce page
    * Added - WooCommerce 3.x compatible
    * Added - Gallery VC element with multiple images selection and INFINITE SCROLL to load more
    * Added - Paypal and Email registration limit option
    * Added - Paypal coupons limit option
    * Fixed - Some small issues
    * Updated - Required plugins latest version
2017.04.04- Version 2.5
    * Added - Stripe payment for event registration form
    * Added - Stripe subscription for recurring payment
    * Added - Export registration data to CSV (Excel sheet)
    * Added - Disable row element for VC
    * Fixed - Some small issues
    * Updated - Visual Composer latest version
    * Updated - Redux Framework latest version
    * Updated - Contact Form 7 latest version
2016.08.25- Version 2.4
    * Fixed - Google map requires API key
    * Fixed - Sponsers stop on hover
    * Updated - Visual Composer v4.12
    * Updated - Redux Framework v3.6.1
    * Updated - Contact Form 7 v4.5
2016.04.18 - Version 2.3
    * Added - Coupon for percent and fixed discounts in Paypal registration method
    * Fixed - Smooth scroll on WordPress 4.5
    * Updated - Visual Composer 4.11.2
2016.03.30 - Version 2.2
    * Added - Event Speaker archive page template
    * Added - World currencies on Event Registration settings
    * Fixed - Paypal payment not validated
    * Updated - Contact Form 7 v4.4.1
2016.03.24 - Version 2.1
* Added - Media options tab to optimize your thumbnail sizes
    * Added - Gather Theme options tab on Row and Column element settings window
    * Added - Use custom-scroll-link class to make a one-page scrolling effect
    * Updated - Visual Composer version 4.11.1
    * Updated - Redux Framework version 3.5.9
    * Updated - Contact Form 7 version 4.4
    * Fixed - Countdown issue with some specific dates
    * Fixed - Speaker popup issue after slider loop
    * Fixed - Gallery and schedule tabs with special characters
2016.01.19 - Version 2.0
    * Added - Home Youtube Video Background demo page
    * Added - Single Speaker page
    * Added - Popup modal for speaker 
    * Added - Aditional Fields for Registration form from back-end
    * Updated - Visual Composer version 4.9.2
    * Updated - Awesome Fonts version 4.5
    * Fixed - PHP 5.3+ required
2015.10.07 - Version 1.3
    * Update Visual Composer version to 4.7.4
    * New Home Background Slideshow demo page
2015.09.23 - Version 1.2
    * Mailchimp not send confirm email fixed.
    * New theme options for header background images.
2015.09.22 - Version 1.1
    * Event Speaker custom post type added.
    * Breadcrumbs small issue fixed.
2015.09.17 - Version 1.0
    * First release!

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