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Job Board WordPress Theme – Fully functional for job listings website

Job BoardWordPress theme

Job Board theme is one of best Job Board WordPress Themes, complete solution for recruiting agencies and human resources. It is loaded with options, both for recruiter and for candidates. We ensure that your job listing WordPress website is as easy to use as possible, from both the perspective of administrators and visitors. As Job Board theme includes front end submission forms, the registration, job posting, and application processes all takes place using custom forms, rather than via the WordPress backend. This helps create a consistent user experience for anyone interacting with your site.

Using Job Board WordPress theme them that allows you to create a complete and fully responsive WordPress job portal, career platform to run human resource management. You also can create job types as much as you can for organizing the advertised vacancies; each of your own custom job types with their own fields for better storing industry – specific data and details. The homepage is widget-ready, giving you a good amount of options for how visitors are greeted upon arrival at your site.

Demo User Account For Candidate

Username : candidate
Password: demo

Demo User Account For Employer

Username : employer
Password: demo

Job BoardWordPress theme

Job BoardWordPress theme

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Ready for Job Board website:

Frontend submission and edition for admin review

Employer can submit and edit job directly in fronted following submission steps. Admin then can review to approve or reject a job.

Employer management dashboard

Employer can edit company profile, manage jobs, view and response to application from candidate (approve or reject)

Candidate management dashboard

Candidate can edit profile, manage resumes, view jobs applied, save jobs and create job alert.

Employer Approve or Reject Application with message to candidate.

Employer can review the application and if it doesn’t match their needs they can reject. .

Every action comes with email notifications

You are candidate, employer or whatever, each of action on InJob, you will received an email notification.

Social Network Login.

User can login to your website by social network provider like facebook, twiter, google without creating a new account specifically for your website. Social Login will increase the number of registrations to your site.

Theme Features

  • Responsive and Retina ready
  • 3+ Homepages demos
  • Powerful theme options
  • One-click data sample
  • 20+ Addons ready to use
  • WPLM compatible
  • RTL Supported
  • Boxed and Wide layout
  • Elegant Design with UX Optimization
  • Unlimited Color Skins
  • Header sticky zoom
  • Cross-Browser Compatible
  • Parallax Image, Video Background

Function Features

  • Drag Drop layout with Visual Composer
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Custom Widgets
  • 1000+ Web fonts Icons
  • SEO Friendly
  • Premium Support & Free Updates

Updates and Change logs

V 3.4.0 (2020/3/20)

- Updated plugin InWave Jobs to 3.4.0
- Updated plugin Inwave Common Version InJob to 3.4.0
- Updated to support woocommerce 4.0.0
- Added google font display param (Help for google page speed)
* Fixed problems
- CSS issues
- PHP bug warrning on new PHP version
- CV field not support required option
- Register user then auto login not upload images
- ASC package order
- Social medial link on footer open on new tab

v3.3.9 ( 2020/01/03)

- Fixed language error, add new languages
- Fixed multiple language query in categories widget
- Fixed default login/register/forget password url
- Fixed query error on search form
- Updated plugin InWave Jobs to 3.3.9
- Updated plugin Inwave Common Version InJob to 3.3.9
- Updated plugin WP Bakery Page Builder 6.1
- Updated plugin Revolution Slider 6.1.5

v3.3.8 ( 2019/10/21)

- Updated plugin InWave Jobs to 3.3.8
- Updated plugin Inwave Common Version InJob to 3.3.8
- Updated new languages string
- Added employer social media link for instagram
- Fixed Reflected & Persistent XSS on search field
- Fixed some small bug

v3.3.7 ( 2019/9/17)

- Updated plugin Inwave Common Version InJob to 3.3.7
- Updated plugin Revolution Slider to 6.1.1
- Fixed lost format of textarea field at 3.3.6 version

v3.3.6 ( 2019/9/11)

- Updated plugin InWave Jobs to 3.3.6
- Updated plugin Inwave Common Version InJob to 3.3.6
- Fixed some small css
- Correction job alert query string
- Fixed Stored XSS and IDOR security bug

v3.3.5 (2019/8/16)

- Updated plugin Visual composer (WPBakery Page Builder) to 6.0.5
- Updated plugin InWave Jobs to 3.3.5
- Updated plugin Inwave Common Version InJob to 3.3.5
- Updated plugin Revolution Slider to 6.0.9
- Update theme support Wocommerce 3.7.0
- Fixed Apply button logical
- Fixed css problem.
- Fixed work-steps css bug
- Fixed carousel update bug
- Fixed some small issues

v3.3.4 (2019/6/6)

- Updated plugin Visual composer (WPBakery Page Builder) to 6.0.3
- Updated plugin InWave Jobs to 3.3.4
- Updated plugin Inwave Common Version InJob to 3.3.4
- Fixed css problem.

Version 3.3.3 (2019/06/03)

- Updated plugin Visual composer (WPBakery Page Builder) to 6.0.2
- Updated plugin InWave Jobs to 3.3.3
- Updated plugin Inwave Common Version InJob to 3.3.3
- Updated plugin Revolution Slider to
- Updated library owlcarousel to 2.3.4
- Updated woocommerce template
- Updated linkedin API version 2
- Updated languages
- Fixed some other small problem.

Version 3.3.0 (2019/3/14)

- Updated plugin Visual composer (WPBakery Page Builder) to 5.7
- Updated plugin InWave Jobs to 3.3.0
- Updated plugin Inwave Common Version InJob to 3.3.0
- Fixed candidate can not see own detail
- Fixed Admin Address in Job Settings not work
- Fixed email filter
- Updated woocommerce template and woocommerce plugin
- Updated add email confirm when user register alert job (in order to be GDPR-compliant)

Version 3.2.6 (2019/1/15)

- Updated plugin Visual composer (WPBakery Page Builder) to 5.6 (Support wp 5.x)
- Updated plugin Revolution Slider to
- Updated plugin InWave Jobs to 3.2.6
- Updated plugin Inwave Common Version InJob to 3.2.6
- Updated new language strings
- Updated new search system (job and candidate)
- Added some action and filter hook to allow easy custom plugin core.
- Added setting jobs/candidates/employers listing to allow set default layout
- Fixed register button do not show on header default version
- Fixed translate metabox issue in backend for candidate, employer, job
- Fixed empty value when login
- Fixed some small issues

Version 3.2.5 (2018/11/23)

- Updated plugin Visual Composer to 5.5.5
- Updated plugin InWave Jobs to 3.2.5
- Updated plugin Inwave Common Version InJob to 3.2.5
- Updated theme support woocommerce 3.5.1
- Added action before login (iwj_before_login:username)
- Add more language: Italia, Portugal, Nertherland, Poland
- Fixed issue to allow candidate/employer slug auto update follow by name
- Fixed issue employer count job
- Fixed login captcha when not active
- Fixed renew job free mode with woo-commerce
- Fixed multiple languages switch
- Fixed Search map invalid request
- Fixed renew job/feature job not work
- Fixed some small bug issues

Version 3.2.1 (2018/10/02)

- Fixed bugs : Set featured job 
- Fixed bugs : Employer cover photo does not show
- Fixed bugs : Pricing table style

Version 3.2.0 (2018/09/13)

- IMPORTANT : Google Job posting supported! 
- NEW FEATURES : Employer Membership package and recurring payments
- Fixed bugs : Login issues
- Fixed bugs : Right Sidebar display issues

Version 3.1 (2018/07/4)

- IMPORTANT : Vietnam, Germany, French, Turkish translations now available! 
- New: New Homepage design
- New : Resumes homepage design
- New: Job Listing shortcodes 
- New: Employers Listing shortcodes 
- New: Candidate Listing shortcodes 
- New: Text elements shortcodes 
- New Features : Allow add sub-categories for Job post
- New Features : Allow select multiple categories when add Job. 
- Fixed bugs : Warning notice in headers
- Fixed bugs : Edit candidate and Employer profile styles
- Fixed smalls bugs 

Version 3.0 (2018/06/10)

- IMPORTANT : Improve Site Speed. 
- New: Homepage design
- New : GDPR compliance!
- New: Job Listing style 2
- New: Job Detail version 2
- New : Short-code Job Listing and Employer listing...
- New : Send notify email to employer before package expiry
- New:  Employer detail version 2
- New:  Candidate detail version 2
- New:  Candidate and Employer cover photo
- New:  Logged In redirect options
- Fixed bug: favorite not work in job maps
- Fixed: header css bugs
- Fixed: Salary ordering
- Fixed: View profile 404 page
- Fixed: Translate issues.
- Fixed: Small issues

Version 2.9.0 (2018/03/13)

- New: candidate package
- New: allow input admin email
- New: allow employer delete application
- New: Restrict CV upload file size
- Fixed: email break line
- Fixed: after post job don't buy package
- Fixed: fix can't search job with search simple job
- Fixed: fix avatar candidate load ajax fail
- Fixed: don't change color in footer text
- Fixed: fix error in breadcrumbs with attachment page
- Fixed: return jobs page after cancel paypal gateway
- Fixed: count OVERALL STATISTICS after delete users
- Fixed: Fix don't show package if posts_per_page = 1
- Fixed: some css miscellaneous bugs

Version 2.8.2 (2018/01/05)

-  Fixed translate text and some spelling mistakes
-  Fixed missing candidate menu
-  Fixed count job company is not display
-  Fixed contact information widget if social media blank
-  Fixed does not process order when checkout with woocommerce
-  Fixed some miscellaneous bugs
-  Added CSV Import/Export

Version 2.8.1 (2017/12/14)

- Fixed: Candidate can not upload cv file 
- Fixed: miscellaneous bugs
- Added : New dashboard design of employer

Version 2.8.0 (2017/12/06)

- Fixed: Indeed bugs
- Fixed: count jobs is not correct
- Added: New Header
- Added: New Home Page
- Added: Job print button
- Added: Custom Apply URl 
- Added: Jobs, Candidates and Employers Rss feed
- Added: Hooks for developer
- Changed: Job templates. Important! We changed the template to add hook as well as improved code if you overwritten it please compare again 

Version 2.7.1 (2017/11/27)

Fixed Fatal error: Call to undefined function iwj_get_languages_flag_html() when update

Version 2.7.0 (2017/11/24)

- Added Features : Multiple language supported (English + Arabic demo)
- Added Features : Indeed import supported
- Added Features : Listing job by Categories, Listing Job by Location
- Improve Features : Search homepages
- Added Features : Add option to disable notification
- Fixed bug :  Fix warning error in employer sliders
- Fixed bug :  Fix missing salary if disable location
- Fixed small bugs

Version 2.6.0 (2017/11/08)

- Added Features : Allow Employer add more email to get Job Application.
- Added Features : Facebook Apply (User can apply Job with Facebook Account)
- Added Features : Candidate Suggestion features
- Added Features : Allow Administrator select option show / hide candidate information
- Added Features : Candidate can Disable account 
- Added Features : Add option to disable notification
- Fixed bug :  Don't show sub locations on job listing page
- Fixed bug :  Miss location when Edit job

Version 2.5.0 (2017/10/27)

- Added Features : Fully Woo Commerce integrated (Payment and Shop)
- Added Features : Job Suggestion Features
- Added Features : Candidate Suggestion features
- Added Features : Allow Candidate and Employer Edit and reply reviews
- Added Features :Add option Language when post a job
- Added Features : Add option Gender when post a job
- Added Features : Google Map distance search
- Fixed bug :  Fixed header small issues
- Fixed bug :  Fix candidate can not save cover letter, location, price
- Fixed bug :  Fix small issues order candidates

Version 2.0.2 (2017/10/23)

- Fixed candidate can not save with cover letter, location, price 
- Fixed filter location in candidate & employer page
- Fixed contact form in job, employer, candidate can't send email with guest
- Fixed missing field read in reviews table
- Fixed cv field

Version 2.0.1 (2017/10/06)

- Fixed bug :  Fatal error on single employer page
- Fixed bug :  Read more button not working on homepage
- Re-organized the Job Setting page

Version 2.0.0 (2017/10/06)

- Added Features : Employer Review
- Added Features : Added more homepages versions
- Added more pages :  About us, FAQs, How It works, Term of Services...
- Added more header versions
- Added Features : Employer and Candidates can crop and resize Avatar 
- Added Features : Disable / Enable Employers and Candidate registration
- Added Features : Homepages with Google Maps search jobs
- Added Features : Candidate and Employers can delete account
- Added Features : Download Candidate CV from candidate profile page
- Added Features : Added video from Youtube or Vimeo into Candidate and Employer profile
- Added Features : Registration verification email
- Added Features : Enable / Disable Job type, Job level and Job skill
- Added Features : Candidate / Employers and Job auto location detect
- Fixed small issues. 

Version 1.1.2 (2017/09/30)

- Improve Import demo content function

Version 1.1.1 (2017/09/25)

- Add Features : Candidates upload CV and Cover Letter and select CV when apply a job
- Add Features : Alerts Manager in back-end
- Add Features : Candidate can manager applied jobs
- Fixed small bugs

Version 1.1 (2017/09/18)

- Add Features : LinkedIn Job Apply 
- Add Features : Re-Captcha for registration, log-in and contact forms
- Add Features : Job Alert registration
- Add Features : Tax options for job packages, resume packages...
- Fixed small bugs

Version 1.0.0 (2017/09/11)

- Initial Release


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