Nokri - Job Board WordPress Theme - 22677241

Nokri – Job Board WordPress Theme – 22677241

Nokri - Job Board WordPress Theme - 1

Whats New in Nokri 1.4.6 September 15, 2021

Updated Compatibility with WordPress 5.8.1 More fast and more Relaiable

Graphs and charges for dahboard and jobs

Mobile number verified Added candidate and Employer mobile number verified option with firebase

There are many more. To find out more details about recent update, see ChangeLogs at the end of this page

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Demo Login Accounts

Demo Site URL:

Company Demo Account:
Password: company123

Candidate Demo Account:
Password: candidate123

Real Time Chat Integrated

Nokri – Job Board WordPress Theme is an advanced job board WordPress theme. It contains all the required features for creating a successful job portal website. Nokri is a complete and easy-to-use job listings website. Using Nokri WordPress Theme you can create a complete & fully Responsive job portal, career platform to run human resource management, recruitment, freelancing, or job posting website. A complete job board WordPress theme loaded with separate panels for employers and candidates. Panels are with convenient search filters both can manage and everything easily. Nokri WordPress theme has both android and IOS applications available. Get apps and take a step ahead of your competitors.


  • Zoom Meeting complete API integration
  • Jooble Jobs API, CareerJet,, Adzuna, GitHub Jobs API are integrated
  • Nearby Jobs
  • Candidate schedule hours /or working days
  • Elementor header footer added
  • Apply on Jobs with WhatsApp
  • Bump Up Jobs
  • Woo Commerce Shop and single product design added
  • New Search Page
  • Paid Email Alerts
  • Recurring Payment
  • Support for Elementor Page Builder added
  • Indeed jobs importer/ search with filters added
  • Company rating feature addded
  • WPML Compatible
  • Google Job Schema Compatible
  • Candidates Filter
  • Custom fields for registration form
  • Custom fields for the Candidate profile
  • Custom fields for employer profile
  • Job alert option for followed companies and all companies
  • Upload resume from all resumes tab
  • CV scoring
  • Hide/show/required candidates default form fields
  • Hide/show/required employers default form fields
  • Custom labels and placeholders for candidates profile
  • Custom labels and placeholders for employers profile
  • Questionnaire added on job post with enable disable the option
  • Hide/show sidebar in signup shortcode
  • Child categories option added in hero sections
  • Child locations option added in hero sections
  • Default button option while registration
  • Upload resume on apply time
  • Hero section with hide/show slider option
  • Job Alerts
  • Widget for job alerts
  • Auto candidate suggestions
  • Candidate packages to apply
  • Candidate featured profile package base
  • Short code for featured candidates
  • Company Portfolio
  • Company Video option
  • apply on job with out login
  • Email job with Email template
  • Custom fields on job post and search
  • Video resume, No more boring CV sorting
  • Radius search
  • Job Attachments
  • Google adsense advertisement slots
  • Added job post option from back end
  • Added custom Candidate/Employer url rewriting
  • Candidate/Employer public/private profile option
  • Job Import with WP All Import
  • Post Job With External Link
  • Email notification on job apply to employer
  • Admin hide/show candidate/employer contact details e.g phone/email/contact form
  • Multi Currency front end Added
  • New User Registration verification
  • Simple job expiry
  • Ajax Drag and Drop Image Up loader
  • Google Map Locations
  • Search jobs page with Map
  • Featured Jobs
  • Job Expiry Limits
  • Free and Paid Package Admin control
  • Auto/Manuel Job Approval
  • Google Map Location
  • Open street maps
  • Contact Form 7
  • Related Jobs
  • Job Status
  • Widget Ready Search Drag & Drop
  • Location Based Search
  • Featured Jobs Based Search
  • Title Based Search
  • Side bar Widgets
  • category Based Search
  • Mail Chimp
  • 1 Click Demo Imp.
  • Lang.Translation ready
  • Redux Framework
  • WP Bakery Page Builder for WordPress
  • Latest Bootstrap 3.7
  • Latest JQuery 3.1
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Truly Responsive
  • Font Awesome Included
  • Clean and Creative Design
  • Clean Code
  • Easy to Customize
  • Completely Reusable Section
  • Targeted Ad Spots
  • Smart and creative Category Grid
  • Multiple Listing Style
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Jobs, Candidates and Companies Listing
  • Login and Register Models
  • Contact Us Page
  • SEO Optimized
  • Well Managed Documentation
  • Advance Search Sidebar
  • Seo friendly search page URLs

Here is the live documentation link Live Documentation Note: We are not providing support for any kind of adult/dating website. If you want to buy then you can proceed but do not expect support for illegal, Adult, or dating Websites.

This Theme is supported by WhizzChat WordPress Chat Plugin

Attention: Google maps Service has updated his policy. Please read details over here


Nokri Theme Change Logs

Updates: v 1.4.6 – September 15, 2021
1- WordPress 5.8.1 compatibility.
2- Added firebase functionality to verify employer and candidate Phone numbers with country code verification with on/off in API Settings.
i)- If a user Verify their number with OTP Phone number will be shown with verified text if verification is on.
ii)-If a user did not verify their number with OTP it will display not verified if verification is on.
3- Added company Data graph chart in the admin dashboard. Now admin can view complete site Jobs, employers, candidates, etc... On the Graph chart in the dashboard with show/hide.
4- Terms and conditions on every contact form on all Employer detail Pages.
5- Candidate resume scoring in Profile update while uploading the Resume with Backend Scoring set option in candidate scoring theme option.
6- Added Terms and conditions on all candidates single page.
7- Added complete Jobs Details graph chart view on Employer-Profile Dashboard.
8- Added complete Received Resume Details graph chart view on Employer-Profile Dashboard.
9- Graph Chart on/off in theme Options Employer General Settings.
10- Added Graph chart that will show all Jobs apply record on Candidate profile Dashboard.
11- Turn on/off Graph Chart for the candidate from Theme Options Candidate settings.
12- Theme options Redux Framework Updated Buttons sets style issues resolved on the backend.
13- Added Stats Counter that will show overall Employer activities on Employer profile Dashboard with on/off Theme Options Employer General Settings.
14- Added Stats Counter that will show overall candidate activities on Candidate profile Dashboard with on/off Theme Options Candidate Settings.


1- Fixed LinkedIn authentication error while applying on a Job.
2- Fixed Grid style layout with horizontal search Multi-search not working Fixed Search Button Visibility.
3- Fixed If Elementor Pro Plugin is activated the Header on Employer dashboard is not showing.
4- Fixed Leaflet Map and Parsley JS Errors.
5- Fixed Employer and Candidate dashboard issue while using Elementor Pro Custom Header.
6- Fixed Download failed a valid URL not found if a user uploads a plugin in zip format from the dashboard.
7- Correction of strings on all Employer's page sidebar, featured employer’s widgets.
8- Fixed Google Captcha width on Employer details Pages and out of column style issue on     style4.
9- Resolved Google Captcha form styling issue on Candidate's details Pages 1, 2, 3.
10- Fixed Employer Style 3 Member since and phone number style and fields missing.
11 - Fixed on employer dashboard complete order on invoice string translation issue.
12- Fixed validations JS errors.
13- Resolved if admin set job post-approval manually it will not be published automatically until admin not approved it.
14- Fixed after posting a job later if the employer edit that existing job and make it feature now it will be featured.
15- Resolved if an employer has a member now member can feature the existing job.
16- Fixed Advertisement Widget and block Issues with WordPress 5.8.1
17- Fixed Multi-select search on Job Search Page Checkboxes will remain selected after the submission of the page.
18- Remove Dot Sign on the Sign up/ Registration page.
19- On the Search Page, more jobs button preloader will now work on loading the page.
20- Candidate Dashboard responsiveness issues resolved on the small screen.
21- On the candidate style 3 portfolio video Height & width layout issue was resolved.
22- Fixed on Candidate details style 3 Rating and Review now showing properly.
23- Employer Dashboard responsiveness issues resolved on the small screen.
24- Footer logo not showing fixed on footer style 4.

Updates: v 1.4.5 – June 17, 2021
1) Updated Compatibility with WordPress 5.7.2
2) Account Members of an Employer. 
Now an employer can add multiple members to manage their company's profile with Employer's permissions.
Employer Features.
    (i)-    Employer can add/edit members anytime.
    (ii)-    Employer can give full/limited company profile access to new members .
    (iii)-    Anytime Employer can remove their single/multiple members.
    (iv)-   Anytime Employer can change Members Credentials.
    (iv)-    If a member edits/posts a job employer will see which member edited/posted the job.

    Member Features.
    (i)-    Members can manage jobs if the employer gives access to them.
    (ii)-    Member can post new Jobs.
    (iii)-    Members can view and manage candidates' Resumes.
    (iv)-    Member can delete/edit existing jobs if the employer gives Permissions.
    (v)-    Member can shortlist/Interview the new candidate who applied for a job.
    (vi)-   Member can edit existing Job details.
3) Account Members on/off in theme options Employers Settings.
4) If existing pdf/docs slug making issue user can rewrite docs/pdfs slugs with new format from theme option URL Rewrite on/off.
5) All newly added media will be saved with a unique encrypted name in the Media library.

1) Fixed if a map from job post form turns off get errors Now if you turn off Job post-Lat/long It will not Throw JS Errors.
2) Resolved On the Search Setting section, if the Enable/disable multi-search is On, then the search sidebar filters now working fine.
3) Fixed If selected "standard Header" and also select "Menu full width" Header shift in the dashboard.
4) Fixed full-width layout issue on Jobs List style page.
5) Fixed if Admin off Team Members Now it will also be disappeared from employers Dashboard. 
6) Fixed If Employer clicks on apply Jobs, it displays Low profile scoring message.
7) Strings Translation issue on search filter Map-based jobs layout.
8 ) Linkedin Login Issues resolved
9) Strings Translation on a modal form.
10) Fixed Featured job apply button does not work in the Search with Map job style.
11) ReedCo Jobs API Integration Jobs layout issue on search with map Style.
12) Upload .zip Plugin from dashboard URL Not found issue resolved.
13) if the Enable/disable multi-search is On, then the search sidebar filters working correctly
14) Fixed Now if Admin Change employer's purchase package jobs value to null it will be updated to new values. 
15) Fixed Candidates Resumes Access on backend If the admin changes the value to null now it will be updated.

Updates: v 1.4.4 – April 21, 2021

1) Updated Compatibility with WordPress 5.7
2) Zoom meeting complete API integration with theme options. Meetings schedule, create, edit, update and delete the meeting from Employer dashboard.
3) Restriction of low profile scoring while applying on a Job with theme option button and set percentage in candidate profile scoring.
4) Added dot on Employer name on all employers list with theme option.
5) Jooble Jobs API Integration with theme option on/off and user can set the number of jobs to import with limits on External Jobs API in Theme Options on all jobs search layout pages.
6) On the Jobs search page you can use the Full-Width page with the on/off button in Theme options Job search Settings.
7) CareerJet Jobs Api integration with theme option on/off and user can set the number of jobs with limits on External Jobs API in Theme Options on all jobs search layout pages.
8 ) Work Remotely with the on/off button on job post theme options.
9) Use on/off custom fields from theme options in the Employer detail page.
10) User on/off custom fields from theme options in the Candidate details option for candidates.
11) Use Full-Width Menu for the main menu with on/off button Theme options in Headers Settings. 
12) API Integration with theme option on/off and user can set the number of jobs with limits on External Jobs API in Theme Options on all jobs search layout pages.
13) Add on/off buttons to display Team Members on employers' details pages from theme options.
14) GitHub Jobs API integration with theme option on/off and user can set the number of jobs with limits on External Jobs API on all jobs search layout pages.
15) Adzuna Jobs Api integration with theme option on/off and user can set the number of jobs with limits on External Jobs API in Theme Options on all jobs search layout pages.
16) Added Terms and Conditions on jobs Post page in theme options with page setup Terms & Conditions.


1) Fixed issue of Woocommerce Currency options and symbol positions to right/left, before and after the price in the Pricing shortcode. 
2) Fixed Team Members' position and layout issues on employers' details page.
3) Resolved job title not showing on Job Board and job details page when admin posts a job from the dashboard.
4) Fixed for both candidate and employer default profile picture if they do not set their profile picture.
5) Fixed Elementor Pro Header issue now user can use the default theme header or their custom elementor Pro Header with on/off button in header settings Theme Options while using Elementor pro.
6) Fixed Elementor Pro footer Issue now users can use the default theme footer or their custom elementor Pro footer with the on/off button in footer settings Theme Options while using Elementor pro.
7) Fixed Work Remotely check box displaying issue while Employer posting a Job.
8 ) Display a message with a link if the user did not install Elementor now user can download the elementor with a click on that message.
9) Fixed displaying the country name and city name issue on all jobs page.
10- Fixed register/login issue with Linkedin now users can register as candidates/employers with their Linkedin account.
11) Fixed nokri premium jobs grid widget compatibility while using elementor pro.
12) Fixed Bump-up jobs not working on job search pages.
13) Resolved job expiry date limit on the job posting page.
14) Fixed on Employer details page style 3 Employer social icons missing issue.
15) Fixed employer details page style 4 company follow button issue from candidate side.
16) Fixed expired jobs can not be bumped up.

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