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4 in 1 Health & Beauty Landing page Template. 4 layouts with A/B Variants. Landing page for Medical / Clinic, Spa & Wellness, Yoga / Meditation, Fitness / Gym

Mediclick is a 4 in 1 Health & Beauty Landing Page Template. It contains layouts for 4 different health related services with A/B variant for each layout.

Medical, Spa, Yoga & Fitness Landing Page Template - 1

Medical / Clinic Landing Page Template

Landing page template focused for medical treatments and clinics such as dental, eye, facial etc. Choose a variant that fits for you.

            Medical 01

            Medical 02

Yoga / Meditation Landing Page Template

Perfect landing page template for yoga or meditation classes. But its not limited, you may use it for any kind of course you provide.

            Yoga 01

            Yoga 02

Fitness / Gym Landing Page Template

A landing page for Fitness club or Trainer. You may also use this template for nutrition, weight loss and any other health related services.

            Fitness 01

            Fitness 02

Spa / Wellness Landing Page Template

Landing page template for beauty and spa. Specially designed sections to show the before / after effect of facials or other treatments.

            Spa 01

            Spa 02

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Landing page features

We have carefully crafted the features for health & related services. Its listed below. The template will keep updating with more features, If you have a suggestion or feature request, Please let me know

Responsive Design

All layouts you are seeing is responsive. Your landing page will look great on any kind of modern devices. Whether its iPhone, iPad or Android, We’ve got you covered. Scan the QR Code below to test it in a mobile device.
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Coded. Not bloated

We have created this landing page with many useful features, that are neatly organized and well commented. This will help you to adapt to the layout and structures easily. You can even swap features from one layout to another.

Dynamic lead generation contact form

Yes. We mean it. Usually, you will get a set of predefined contact / lead generation form, but its really hard to add / remove item. I felt this is the most difficult thing buyers to do and I wanted to simplify it. So, I’ve modified the PHP & JS to accordingly. means for this template, you don’t need to touch JS or PHP to edit form fields. All you need is edit the HTML (2 lines) as documented and you are good to go.

Five Color Themes

Make your template unique from the 5 predefined color themes. Want to create new color scheme? Its really easy as changing one line of code. The detailed instructions are included with the documentation.

Custom Thank you Page

Ajax contact form is ueed by default where the page stays in same after form is submitted. however, there are some times you will need users to be redirected to a custom page (ie thank you or success page or to track some conversion) when form is submitted. So this template comes with an option to set custom redirection page for lead generation forms.

Icons, Icons, Icons

We have added 3 different icon fonts for you to choose from. Default Glyphicons, Font Awesome and Streamline icons.You can use these icons in your website just by adding some class names. Its documented in the icon page.

Before / After Plugin

This is a most wanted feature, if you are about to show two images with before treatment and after treatment. Please see the Spa demo to see it in action. however, you may use it on other layouts too.

Extensive Documentation

We have spend extra days to create an extensive documentation for this template. We know that making the best template is not enough. A helpful documentation is a part of this template. The documentation will guide you to customize this template from scratch to uploading to your server.

Medical, Spa, Yoga & Fitness Landing Page Template - 2

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 Initial release