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About RePhoto Adobe Muse Template

RePhoto is a professional Adobe Muse photography theme with innovative, clean and modern design. It’s easy to use and comes with all the latest features Responsive Muse can offer plus custom features some of which are unique to our theme like custom CSS driven animations and effects, Responsive Menu Widgets, Fullscreen Video backgrounds, SnazzyMaps, Font Awesome icons and more.

This adobe muse theme is great for photography muse template, portfolio muse template, professional design studio, photo studio muse template, freelancers, gallery muse template and more…

Uniqueliy tailored for photography professionals as well as photography enthusiasts. With beautiful full screen galleries, fullscreen gallery page for 12 individual photo galleries already included and linked. This template is a ready-to-go solution that will help you create an awesome photography website quickly and easily.

RePhoto Muse Theme comes equipped with 7 premium Muse Widgets including Fullscreen Lightbox Menu PRO muse widget with stunning menu effects and animations, RePhoto Menu widget which was specifically built for this template, Fine Portfolio Thumbnails widget which creates sophisticated and smooth thumbnail hover effects and much more.

RePhoto Muse Template comes with a static blog solution with 3 pre-built blog pages and a blog homepage, with a dedicated blog master page.

The template includes two separate Muse files, the Hero Slider version with awesome Skilltech Hero Slider and Video Background version with fullscreen video background integrated.

RePhoto V2 was built from scratch on Muse Responsive, with beautiful fluid layouts and unmatched custom effects. RePhoto Muse Theme brings innovation and superior design into Muse Web Design and this template is a must have for all Muse Designers.


RePhoto Muse Theme features full list:

  • Muse Theme (built on Muse Responsive)
  • Fully Responsive
  • Fluid Layouts
  • Revolutionary Hero Slider Version
  • Video Background Version
  • 7 Premium Widgets Included
  • Skilltech Widgets Included
  • Widgets Included
  • Fullscreen Video backgrounds Muse Widget Light
  • Fullscreen Lightbox Menu PRO Muse Widget
  • RePhoto Engine Muse Widget
  • RePhoto Menu Muse Widget
  • Fine Portfolio Thumbnails Muse Widget
  • Ultimate Scrollbars Light Muse Widget
  • Snazzy Maps Light Muse Widget
  • Custom Animations
  • Animated Counters Muse Widget Integrated
  • Smooth Sophisticated Hover Effects
  • On-scroll Animation Effects
  • ONE CLICK theme color change
  • Beautiful Design
  • One Page Design
  • Inner Pages Included
  • Five Layout Designs
  • Custom Parallax Scrolling Effects for Muse Responsive
  • Muse File and HTML File
  • Custom CSS Effects
  • Blog Solution
  • Full Width Design (100% Width)
  • Font Awesome Icon Collection – 361 Free Icons
  • SEO Friendly
  • Google Mobile Friendliness Compatible
  • Animated Rollover Image Effects (CSS)
  • CSS and JavaScript driven Animations
  • Predefined Paragraph Styles
  • Predefined Link Styles
  • Predefined Graphic Styles
  • Smart Widget Use
  • Multi-layered Compositions
  • User Activated Animations
  • 12 Ready-made Individual Gallery Pages
  • Contact Us Page
  • 404 Page
  • Google AdSense ready! Maximize your earnings with ads on your blog posts

Support & Copyright

Our theme comes with full all day support. If you have any questions or problems regarding this muse template, our team will be at your disposal 24/7.

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All images used in the design are licensed under CC0 so you are free to do whatever you want with them (commercial use included).

All company logos belong to their respective owners.

Latest Version

RePhoto 2.0.2 (6.14.2018)

+ Updated SnazzyMaps Widget (Google Maps now requires creation of API key, described in the documentation)

RePhoto 2.0.1 (8.15.2017)

+ Full Responsive Redesign
+ Built From Scratch on Muse Responsive
+ 44 Responsive Pages
+ 220 Responsive Layouts Added
+ RePhoto Menu Widget Added
+ Fullscreen Lightbox Menu PRO Widget Added
+ Fine Portfolio Thumbnails Muse Widget Added
+ RePhoto Engine Widget Added
+ Parallax Effects for Muse Responsive Added
+ Fullscreen Video Backgrounds Light Muse Widget Added
+ SnazzyMaps Light Muse Widget Added
+ Ultimate ScrollBars light Muse Widget Added
+ Animated Counters Muse Widget Integrated
+ New in-depth documentation

RePhoto 1.0 (4.18.2015)

+ Initial Release