DotDigital – Web Design Agency PSD Template – 23107131

DotDigital – Web Design Agency PSD Template – 23107131 is a robust and flexible PSD Templates Theme Forest theme, to help you make the most out of using PSD Templates to power your eCommerce online store. The design is well suited for Array and multi purpose stores. It is built and comes bundled with most of the advanced features available in most popular PSD Templates Template on Theme Forest.



DotDigital was created for companies providing web design services, marketing and branding services, web development, application development, seo marketing and other online business solutions!

Being a company that provides number one digital services you have to make sure your own website is on fleek! You have to be sure the design of your website looks great and creative and that it’s on point no matter what device your customers use to browse it! This digital solutions PSD template has dozens of pages, including pages like About Us, Services, Team, Testimonials, Process, Clients, Pricing and many more! You will definitely find what you’re looking for!


  • 63 layered PSD files
  • 3 Homepages
  • Various Headers, Footers etc.
  • Clean and modern design
  • Optimized for HTML, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla
  • Carefully layered PSD files
  • Logical structure and layers naming for better usability
  • Grid lines included
  • Bootstrap layout ready
  • Multipurpose
  • Free icons used
  • Free fonts used
  • Free textures used

What Do You Get:

  • This template has 64 layered PSD files:
    • 1.1_home.psd
    • 1.2_enterpreneur.psd
    • 1.3_fullpage.psd
    • 2_about.psd
    • 3.1.1_services_1.psd
    • 3.1.2_services_2.psd
    • 3.1.3_services_3.psd
    • 3.1.4_services_4.psd
    • 3.1.5_services_5.psd
    • 3.2.1_service_page_1.psd
    • 3.2.2_service_page_2.psd
    • 3.2.3_service_page_3.psd
    • 3.2.4_service_page_4.psd
    • 4.1.1_gallery_1.psd
    • 4.1.2_gallery_2.psd
    • 4.1.3_gallery_3.psd
    • 4.1.4_gallery_4.psd
    • 4.2.1_gallery_item_1.psd
    • 4.2.2_gallery_item_2.psd
    • 4.2.3_gallery_item_3.psd
    • 5.01_widgets.psd
    • 5.02.1_shop.psd
    • 5.02.2_product.psd
    • 5.02.3_cart.psd
    • 5.02.4_checkout.psd
    • 5.02.5_orders.psd
    • 5.03.1_team_1.psd
    • 5.03.2_team_2.psd
    • 5.03.3_member_1.psd
    • 5.03.4_member_2.psd
    • 5.03.5_member_3.psd
    • 5.04_process.psd
    • 5.05_404.psd
    • 5.06.1_faq_1.psd
    • 5.06.2_faq_2.psd
    • 5.06.3_faq_3.psd
    • 5.07_pricing.psd
    • 5.08_clients.psd
    • 5.09_testimonials.psd
    • 5.10_appointment.psd
    • 5.11.1_calendar_1.psd
    • 5.11.2_calendar_2.psd
    • 5.12.1_events.psd
    • 5.12.2_single_event.psd
    • 5.13_coming_soon.psd
    • 5.14_maintenance.psd
    • 5.15_typography.psd
    • 5.16_elements.psd
    • 6.1.1_blog_1.psd
    • 6.1.2_blog_2.psd
    • 6.1.3_blog_3.psd
    • 6.1.4_blog_4.psd
    • 6.1.5_blog_5.psd
    • 6.1.6_blog_6.psd
    • 6.1.7_blog_7.psd
    • 6.2.1_post_1.psd
    • 6.2.2_post_2.psd
    • 6.2.3_post_3.psd
    • 6.2.4_post_4.psd
    • 6.2.5_post_5.psd
    • 7.1_contact_1.psd
    • 7.2_contact_2.psd
    • 7.3_contact_3.psd
    • 7.4_contact_4.psd
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  • Poppins is available for free download on Google Fonts
  • FontAwesome is available for free on
  • Images source: ShutterStock,

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