3D Infographics – 22127526

3D Infographics – 22127526 is a robust and flexible After Effects Theme Forest theme, to help you make the most out of using After Effects to power your eCommerce online store. The design is well suited for Array and multi purpose stores. It is built and comes bundled with most of the advanced features available in most popular After Effects Template on Theme Forest.

3D Infographic

The project for commercial activities, powerpoint presentations, enterprise publicity, etc

This project I used the e3d plugin, if you don’t have this plugin, you can also use this item, only need to delete the e3d layer.

•For cc2015
•Change color of background or text
•Change the placement of text easily.
•HD 1920×1080 @ 30fps
•Use e3d plugin.

This project contains five different forms, with a bar chart, line statistical figure, fan-shaped statistical figure, etc.Each form can be easily to change the Settings, you can let the video tutorial to learn the content again.

Music download address:here

Line statistical figure


The fan statistical figure




In the zip file, I also provide you with a detailed video tutorials, can leave a message to tell me if there is not understand.