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Virtual Studio 103 - 1

First of all thank you for choosing this project:

This project has been tested very strictly before the release, and the author is considering the user as much as possible in the design. It is not just a scene model, it incorporates a lot of camera motion lens, and reasonable and efficient news program editing mode, it is worth exploring.

Requires Plugins:

This is the 3D virtual studio running on After Effects, which requires the support of the plugin “Element 3D”. If you do not have a plug-in “Element 3D”, please do not purchase this item.


  • 1920×1080 Full HD,(Resizable)
  • 12 kinds of program,(including camera animations)
  • 13 newscaster placeholders,(to which more numbers can be added)
  • 4 virtual screens,(to which more numbers can be added)
  • 11 large screens/2 table screens/1 rolling screen


  • 270°panoramic Virtual studio
  • High quality 3D models/2K resolution texture map
  • Real-time preview/faster render
  • 3 different hosts can appear at the same time
  • 5 different backgroud videos can be shown at the same time
  • Two anchor desks can be hidden and rotated
  • The control room can be hidden and shown
  • The camera animation can be customized in After Effects
Virtual Studio 103 - 2

Video tutorials:

1.Copy the model and map to the specified folder.
2.Change of the resolution
3.Replacing and Adjusting your material
4.Adding the announcer,3D text and 3D model
5.Change of light-box colors and brightness
6.Adjusting the properties of light
7.Making animation of cameras
8.Createing a new program scene

Software And Plug-in:

After Effects: CS5/CS5.5/CS6/CC
Element 3D: v2.0.7/v2.2.0/v2.2.2

Screenshots: Virtual Studio 103 - 3 Virtual Studio 103 - 4

Possible problems:

Each computer configuration is different, the settings are different, there may be the following problems, please refer to the corresponding method to solve.

  • 1.After Effects warning:This project contains 26 references to missing effects.Please install the following effects to restore these references.(“Element”)(Scene is black)
  • -The plugin”Element”is not installed, please complete installation and registration.

  • 2.After Effects warning:332 files are missing since you last saced this peoject.
  • -The plugin”Element”is not installed, please complete installation and registration.

  • 3.After Effects warning:“Element.aex”could not be loaded(126)
  • -This bug could be fixed by updating the graphics card driver (from nvidia). Delete the old installation and make a clean, new installation of the plug-in.

  • 4.After Effects warning:File”TV Studio 103”is locked.You can’t save any changes to this file.
  • -The plugin”Element”is not registered, Please complete registration.

  • 5.Without any warning, the scene is black.(Open Scene Setup:Missing Files:Element 3D detected missing files.would you like to relink them now?)
  • -The model and the texture path are incorrect,Close After Effects and please follow the video tutorial 1 copy model and map to the specified folder.

  • 6.The scene map not display, showing the white models.
  • -Insufficient memory for video card,please reduce the texture resolution.Select layer“TV Studio 103”-Effect Controls:Element-Scene Setup-File-Preferences-Map Size Limit:2048(set to:1024)

  • 7.The announcer has jagged edges:
  • -Select layer“TV Studio 103”-Effect Controls:Studio scene-Scene Setup-Scene-Group Folder-09_Announcer-114_Announcer-Advanced-Alpha Threshoid:0.4(set to:0.2-1.0)

  • 8.The announcer video is not sharp, poor quality:
  • -Select layer“TV Studio 103”-Effect Controls:Studio scene-Output-Multisampling-8(set to:16)

    Other Notes:

    There are some other virtual studios without Element 3D: Virtual Studio

    Material links:

    The announcer, videos and music from the preview are not included,you can find them here: TV Studio 103_Collections


    Virtual Studio 103 - 5