Seamless Loop Kinetic Posters – 24684532

Seamless Loop Kinetic Posters – 24684532 is a robust and flexible After Effects Theme Forest theme, to help you make the most out of using After Effects to power your eCommerce online store. The design is well suited for Array and multi purpose stores. It is built and comes bundled with most of the advanced features available in most popular After Effects Template on Theme Forest.

Bonus! Demo montage.aep / Click to buy soundrack Adrenaline Cyberpunk


Fun fact! This project is constantly updated with new free add-ons!

news about add-ons come in the mail

These posters will make you read everything that is written on them!

Dear customer, this project can be used as an endless poster in a presentation, for billboard video screens, you can also place it as a standby mode for broadcasting or concert mapping. It can also be used as typographic titles and Instagram Stories.

board-1 board-6


44 Horizontal Posters. All colors are editable.

32-Circle-18-sec-loop 33-Universe-04s-loop 31-4x-Swiss-posters-29-sec-loop 28-Ring-12-sec-loop 30-Rectangle-05-sec-loop 29-2x-Rings-16-sec-loop 23-funnel-14sec-loop-2 27-bulb-dark-09-sec-loop 26-bulb-06-sec-loop 24-bend-10-sec-loop 25-Loop-screen-11-sec-loop 22-Rotator-16-sec 21-Gravity-15-sec-loop 19-Stripe-grid-24sec-loop 20-Stripe-hurricane-06sec-loop 18-Stripe-mobius-24sec-loop 14-Rubik-04-loop-16s 17-Stripe-6sec-loop 16-Rubik-06-12s-loop 15-Rubik-05-loop-16s 13-Rubik-03-loop-5s 12-Rubik-02-loop-12s 09-Dome-09-sec-loop 11-Rubik-01-loop-08s 04-snake-knots-15s-loop 08-Roll-10-sec-loop 05-5xknots-15s-loop 07-Oil-10-sec-loop 06-wave-08-sec-loop 10-square-07-sec-loop 01-2x-Rolling-vertical-15s-loop 02-2x-Rolling-04-sec-loop 03-4xconus-roll-15s-loop 34-Paper 35-Tape 36-Scotch-tape 37-3x-Scotch-tape 38-cross-scotch-tape 39-crazy-scotch-tape 40-Simple-rollers 41-Belt 42-Rolling-balls 43-Print-machine 44-urved-shadow soon

44 Vertical Posters. All colors are editable.

01-2x-Rolling-vertical-15s-loop 02-2x-Rolling-04-sec-loop 03-4xconus-roll-15s-loop 04-snake-knots-15s-loop 05-5xknots-15s-loop 06-wave-08-sec-loop 07-Oil-10-sec-loop 08-Roll 09-Dome-09-sec-loop 10-square-07-sec-loop 11-Rubik-01-loop-08s 12-Rubik-Black-02-loop-12s 13-Rubik-03-loop-5s 14-Rubik-04-loop-16s 15-Rubik-05-loop-16s 16-Rubik-06-12s-loop 17-Stripe-6sec-loop 18-Stripe-mobius-24sec-loop 19-Stripe-grid-24sec-loop 20-Stripe-hurricane-06sec-loop 21-Gravity-15-sec-loop 22-Rotator-06-sec-loop 23-funnel-14sec-loop 24-bend-10-sec-loop 25-Loop-screen-04-sec-loop 26-bulb-06-sec-loop 27-bulb-dark-09-sec-loop 28-Ring-12-sec-loop 29-2x-Rings-16-sec-loop 30-Rectangle-05-sec-loop 31-4x-Swiss-posters-29-sec-loop-1 32-Circle-18-sec-loop 33-universe-2 34-Paper-2 35-Tape-4 36-Scotch-tape-4 37-3x-Scotch-tape-4 38-cross-scotch-tape-4 39-crazy-scotch-tape-4 40-Simple-rollers-4 41-Belt-4 42-Rolling-balls-4 43-Print-machine-4 44-urved-shadow-4 soon

Main Features

  • 44+44 Loop Posters
  • 11+11 Kinetic Countdowns (1 minute each)
  • Demo motage project adapted for intro. Duration 01:20
  • Infinity duration
  • Customizable colors
  • Ae CC2015 and above
  • 1920×1080
  • IGTV 1080×1920
  • Easy to edit
  • Video tutorial included
  • Well Organized
  • No plug-ins required
  • Free font links in archive
  • Sound not included
  • Great sound here : Adrenaline Cyberpunk & Sport Electro by BrainMire
  • Sounds : Jingle Bells Energetic Uplifting Christmas Logo by audiocook, Energy Aggressive Sport Dance by BrainMire

  • Release (09-25-2019) 
    + First Released Version 33 Loop Posters (16:9)
    Addon V2 (09-27-2019) 
    + Bonus Demo Montage Aep
    Addon V3 (10-06-2019) 
    + 33 Vertical Posters (9:16)
    Addon V4 (10-19-2019) 
    + 11+11 Posters (16:9 and 9:16)
    Addon V4.1 (11-26-2019) 
    + 11+11 Kinetic countdowns (16:9 and 9:16)

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