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WeMusic - Music Band Event WordPress Theme - 12251286

WeMusic – Music Band Event WordPress Theme – 12251286

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WeMusic - Music Band Event WordPress Theme

No more hiding! Let’s go through the simple music world, take a step closer to our premium Music Band Event WordPress theme named WeMusic then make it real! The theme was built dedicatedly for Music Band, Music Event organizers, Albums, Night club/ DJ Performers, Festival websites and so on, with built-in e-commerce solution for selling Event ticket online, Albums and other music related products anytime.

Dark vs Light version with stylish layout will certainly fit your expectation! Moreover, there are 5 Homepages designed with featured Noo Countdown shortcode, Revolution Slider, Video and Parallax background with Transparent menu for a surprising view at first sight!

Creating new events is just within minutes! Events can be well displayed in List or Grid style and tickets can be sold rapidly through WooCommerce. Number of shortcodes and widgets to help you build a complete website are also included as usual.

Now, let’s check out Theme’s Features and Demo to see its best performance!

WeMusic - Music Band Event WordPress Theme

Responsive and Retina Ready

WeMusic works perfectly on all screen sizes and mobile devices. It looks sharp and fascinating on every display type your users are on.

WeMusic - Music Band Event WordPress Theme

Trendy Styles for Homepage

The music theme allows users to quickly create high-performance real estate sites with distinguished functional homepage demos.

WeMusic - Music Band Event WordPress Theme

Event Countdown

Now you can display the latest event on Homepage with stylish Noo Countdown shortcode which is clear and easy to set up.

Events Listing

With the integration of Event Calendar plugin, WeMusic deserves users tons of powerful features which allows you easily search and view your events.

Event Details

WeMusic allows users to set time, date, Venue, Organizer’s details with add-on Event Calendar Pro which enables recurring events, custom attributes and a host of other premium features.

WeMusic - Music Band Event WordPress Theme

Custom Post Types

WeMusic comes with two custom post types including Album and Team member whereas Album allows you to show albums with links to iTunes, Amazon, SoundCloud, etc. and show Image, Name, Position, Description and Social Profile of each team member with Team Member type.

WeMusic - Music Band Event WordPress Theme

Diverse Shortcode and Widgets

WeMusic includes more than 20 shortcodes and widgets based elements on Page Builder which can be easily configures and edited match your style.

WeMusic - Music Band Event WordPress Theme

Powerful Plugins Integration

Building an online music site or event ticket selling will be much easy with Visionary empowered by a series of premium plugins as Slider Revolution, WPBakery Page Builder, WooCommerce, and so on.

WeMusic - Music Band Event WordPress Theme

Words from our beloved customers

WeMusic - Music Band Event WordPress Theme WeMusic - Music Band Event WordPress Theme

WeMusic Theme – Full Feature List

  • Responsive and Retina Ready

    Must-have feature of trending websites nowadays! WeMusic looks nice and impressive on every pixel of smart devices like mobiles, tablets, PCs, etc.

  • Impressive Dark vs Light version

    Same layout, different style of colors, that’s the way WeMusic attracts first sight of audiences and makes itself more flexible.

  • 5 Home Variations
    • Home Transparent Menu
    • Home Countdown Parallax
    • Home Countdown Video
    • Home Countdown Slider
    • Home Revolution Slider
  • Display Countdown on Homepage

    With Noo Countdown shortcode, we make it easy for you to display upcoming event with elegant Countdown style, catch up quickly impression of audiences when viewing your Homepage.

  • Show Upcoming Events, Successful Events on Homepage

    With Noo Events List and Grid shortcode, you can be able to show latest highlighted events along with Date, Time, Venue information.

  • Featured Albums Collection

    Albums are displayed delicately right on Homepage thanks to Noo Album shortcode and smooth Hovering effects.

  • Event Calendar Plugin Compatible

    The theme supports extensible Event Calendar plugin that lets you easily create and manage your events. Set Time, Date, Venue, Organizer’s details with add-on Events Calendar Pro which enables recurring events, custom attributes and a host of other premium features.

  • 2 Custom Post Types
    • Team Member: Add member of band include Profile picture, Name, Position in band, Social network.
    • Album: Albums in Masonry layout and show Album detail with links to iTunes, Amazon, Beatport for purchasing the whole album, or more with SoundCloud, Download link for each song. Display Genre, Artist, Producer, Release Date, Social Sharing buttons and tag all in one.
  • Diverse Shortcode and Widget

    Building web pages using 20+ shortcode and widget will save your time and effort. It can be easily configured and edited to match your style.

  • Powerful Revolution Slider Built In

    Save you $18 for the beautiful Slider plugin. Integrated within the theme, it will help you to build sliders with multiple animation choices and intuitive interface.

  • Live Theme Customizer

    Our Customizer works as the default WordPress customizer but integrated with all theme options. All changes can be previewed on real site but just be applied for your public website since you click save.

  • Visual Composer

    The best-selling drag & drop page builder for WordPress (worth $33).

  • Woo Commerce integrated

    WeMusic also allows you to sell and buy Event ticket, Music albums, Music related products online using powerful WooCommerce plugin.

  • Contact Form 7

    Flexible Contact Form plugin in all times! It’s used in many premium WordPress themes and easy to modify or customize style.

  • Translation Ready

    The theme supports multilingual translation using WPML.

  • Unlimited color and Google Font

    Flexible color to pick for your theme. Most of elements’ color can be changed easily in our Live Theme Customizer.

  • Extensive Documentation

    We included in theme package dedicated document file to guide you step by step installing and customizing the theme. You also can find the detailed online guide on our support center here.

  • Regular Update

    We keep updating the theme regularly with more addon features and minor bug fixed. Just one time payment, you will get the update lifetime for free.

  • Top Notch Support

    In addition to dedicated documentation, the senior developers of WeMusic will support you. We are happy to support you to build your amazing website.

Change log

1.8.0 |Oct 23, 2019|
    - [Fix] Outdated WooCommerce template file.
    - [Update] WPBakery Page Builder and Revolution slider to latest version.
    - [Check] The latest version of WP 5.2 and plugins.
    - [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.
1.7.7 |Feb 19,2019|
    - [Update] WPBackery Page Builder, Revolution Slider plugin.
    - [Check] With the latest version of WP 5.x and another plugins.
    - [Fix] Small style issue.
1.7.6 |May 24,2018|
    - [Fix] Not Event List issue.
    - [Check] With the latest version of WP 4.9.x and another plugin.
1.7.5 |Mar 12,2018|
- [Fix] The conflict with WooCommerce 3.3.x
- [Fix] Other styling issues.
- [Check] With the latest version of WP 4.9.2 and another plugin.
1.7.4 |14th Oct 2017|
        - [Fix] The conflict with WooCommerce 3.2
        - [Fix] Other styling issues.
        - [Check] With latest version of WP 4.8.2 and another plugins.
1.7.3 |24th May 2017|
    - [FIX] Conflict with update plugin version.
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer & Revolution slide to last version.
    - [FIX] Fix some styling issues.  |12th April 2017|
    - [FIX] Single product details gallery image.
1.7.2 |11th April 2017|
    - [FIX] WooCommerce 3.0 conflict
    - [FIX] Other styling issues fixed.
1.7.1 |4th October 2016|
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to version 4.12.1
    - [UPDATE] Support new option Disable Row of Visual Composer's Row shortcode
    - [FIX] Fix bug Blog name doesn't display in some case.
    - [FIX] Fix an issue with Noo Countdown shortcode.
1.7.0 |6th September 2016|
    - [ADD] Add option to change the speed of slider in Noo Countdown shortcode.
    - [ADD] Add option to change the columns of Noo Event Grid and Noo Member shortcode.
    - [UPDATE] Support for Noo Timetable plugin.
    - [UPDATE] Support WordPress 4.6.
    - [UPDATE] Update Slider Revolution to version 5.2.6
    - [FIX] Fix some styling issues.
1.6.1 |22nd June 2016|
    - [ADD] Add option to auto play music.
    - [UPDATE] Update Slider Revolution to version
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to version 4.12
    - [UPDATE] Add support for WooCommerce 2.6.x
    - [FIX] Fix bug of not auto play music when reloading pages.
    - [FIX] Other minor bug fixed.
1.6.0 |2nd June 2016|
    - [ADD] Add support for Right to Left language
    - [ADD] Add support for The Event Calendar's add-on Community Event
    - [ADD] Add option to the Noo Social widget to enable open social links in a new window.
    - [UPDATE] Update Slider Revolution to version
    - [UPDATE] Separated album's category with commas in the album list page.
    - [UPDATE] Add anchor link to event image on the event list page.
    - [UPDATE] Making the Social Counter widget more stable.
    - [FIX] Fix bug of not showing the correct date on Event List shortcode.
    - [FIX] Fix bug of option Mini Cart, where you can't turn on or off in some case.
    - [FIX] Fix some style issue of the mini cart.
    - [FIX] Other minor bug fixed.
1.5.0 |19th April 2016|
    - [ADD] Add widget Most Viewed Album in a month.
    - [ADD] Add options Album List page Columns on Customizer.
    - [ADD] Add social Instagram.
    - [ADD] Options Columns for Albums list page.
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to version
    - [UPDATE] Update Slider Revolution to version 5.2.5
    - [UPDATE] Support WordPress 4.5
    - [UPDATE] Improve style of Mini cart.
    - [FIX] Fix bug of pagination in Noo Blog masonry shortcode.
    - [FIX] Fix bug of Event pagination
    - [FIX] Other minor bug fixed.
1.4.0 |21st January 2016|
    - [ADD] Add option for Event sidebar
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to version 4.9.2
    - [UPDATE] Update Slider Revolution to version 5.1.6
    - [UPDATE] Support for WooCommerce 2.5.0
    - [FIX] Fix error of Blog load more button.
    - [FIX] Fix shortcode Recent News.
    - [FIX] Fix bug of single post heading image.
1.3.0 |24th December 2015|
    - [ADD] Add support for Event Calendar add-ons: Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to version 4.9.
    - [UPDATE] Update Slider Revolution to version 5.1.5.
    - [UPDATE] Support for WordPress 4.4.
    - [UPDATE] Store the player volume to cookie.
    - [UPDATE] Improve player style.
    - [FIX] Fix bug can't play song in Album detail page.
1.2.2 |30th November 2015|
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to version 4.8.1.
    - [FIX] Fix bug menu on the mobile.
1.2.1 |20th November 2015|
    - [UPDATE] Allow shortcode inside Album's content.
    - [FIX] Fix bug menu height style when sticky.
1.2.0 |12th November 2015|
    - [ADD] Add support for SoundCloud tracks. You can play song from SoundCloud in the player.
    - [ADD] Add setting for SoundCloud App Client ID, it's neccessary for playing tracks from SoundCloud.
    - [ADD] Add options for album to display embeded code or link to external URL.
    - [ADD] Add option to order by Start Date on Event List shortcode.
    - [ADD] Add option to show past events on Event List shortcode.
    - [ADD] Add option to mute video background on Noo Countdown shortcode.
    - [ADD] Add option to order albums on Album Masonry shortcode.
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version ( 4.8.1 ).
    - [UPDATE] Use event's Start Date on the event detail page.
    - [FIX] Minor bugs fixed.
1.1.4 |7th October 2015|
    - [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version ( 4.7.4 ).
1.1.3 |3rd October 2015|
    - [FIX] Fix bug Album shortcode can't display Mansory style.
1.1.2 |30th September 2015|
    - [FIX] Fix bug can't view Member page on some site.
    - [FIX] Fix bug logo missing on some site.
1.1.1 |28th September 2015|
    - [UPDATE] Update Revolution Slider to the latest version.
    - Fix bug can't next song after adding Album's playlist to the player.
1.1.0 |23rd September 2015|
    - [ADD] Add option to on/off Footer Player.
    - [ADD] Allow using blank file url for album's tracks. You can list tracks without player.
    - [ADD] Allow on/off player on album's track list.
    - [UPDATE] Merge the function of Post Type plugin to core theme function. Remove the need of an external plugin.
    - [FIX] Fix some minor bugs.
1.0.4 |31st August 2015|
    - UPDATE] Change to use Event start date on Noo Event shortcode.
1.0.3 |25th August 2015|
    - [UPDATE] Update for WooCommerce 4.2.x.
    - [UPDATE] Update for WordPress 4.3.
1.0.2 |21st August 2015|
    - [FIX] Fix problem with parallax effect of Count down shortcode.
1.0.1 |8th August 2015|
    - [FIX] Fix error with function tribe_is_week of The Events Calendar plugin
    - [FIX] Fix bug missing heading image.
    - First stable release


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